WonderCon 2018: BOOM! Studios: Discover Yours

WonderCon 2018: BOOM! Studios: Discover Yours Panel

WonderCon 2018: BOOM! Studios: Discover Yours

BOOM! Studios came to WonderCon to continue to show its dedication to delivering new comics and fun licensed comics to bring in readers young and old. To help show what BOOM! Studios is doing the company brought a panel consisting Ben Blacker, Ben Acker, David Walker, Sara Kuhn, Josh Trujilo, Matt Gagnon, Carly Usdin and Filip Sablik.

Ben Blacker and Ben Acker announce they are continuing their relationship with Boom: Studios. They will continue Beyond Belief, supernatural element and will be part of Thrilling Hour.

David Walker talks about how he is writing a dream comic book as he has been given the keys to the Planet of the Apes kingdom. It is a franchise that has deep meaning to his childhood, mentioning later in the panel that Conquest was his first Planet of the Apes movie.

Sara Kuhn talks about how she is writing Clueless as what happens next with the characters like Saved By the Bell: The College Years.

Josh Trujillo compares Dodge City as a combination of Degrassi and Dragon Ball.

WonderCon 2018: BOOM! Studios: Discover Yours

Ben Blacker praises how BOOM! Studios is letting all of them living the dream with characters they loved as kids or new franchises they created.

Matt Gagnon talks about how they like to partner with creators who want to push comics forward to where they will be in the future. He talks about how licensed comics have the power of them being able to bring in fans of shows, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who don’t read comics into the world and convert them into new readers for the long-term. A big goal for BOOM! Studios is to make the characters authentic to the material they are based on.

Planet of the Apes Visionaries is putting out in August based on the original version of the movie screenplay by Sterling based around Apes walking around still intact New York like regular people.

David talks about how the Apes series a big inspiration for him growing up with Conquer being his first Apes movie. His new Planet of the Apes: Ursus is looking to make it as easy as possible to understand and using friends that don’t know the franchise well to make it relatable.

WonderCon 2018: BOOM! Studios: Discover Yours

Speaking on her approach to writing the characters, Sara’s talks about making Clueless appealing for today’s audience by thinking of how the characters are at a crossroads of who they want to be and that making mistakes to grow as a character. Making sure that she did not just reset the characters was important to her and how capturing the language of the movie to translate into the Senior Year comic.

It is then announced that BOOM! Studios has worked with Jim Henson Company to make the sequel of The Dark Crystal with Beneath The Dark Crystal in comic book form and it will be a year long series.

Matt also announces Bone Parish with Cullen Bunn as the writer. Itwill be a horror series based in New Orleans with a family that is selling a new drug that is created from the ashes of the dead and people have visions of the dead people

Matt talks about how comic book for kids is an important to them because it was a big hole and that they wanted to create comics for kids when BOOM! Studios was created. Filip mentions how publishing for kids keeps the industry vibrant and helps grow the next generation.

WonderCon 2018: BOOM! Studios: Discover Yours

They then reveal that they are launching Ruinworld with a Pogo and Rex, an anthropomorphic cat and pig, that will be targeted to kids.

They close up their announcements by announcing that they will be releasing a Giant Days Young Adults novel is by Non Pratt slated to come out in August 2018.