WonderCon 2018: Scott Snyder Spotlight

WonderCon 2018: Scott Snyder Spotlight

WonderCon 2018: Scott Snyder Spotlight

With Dark Nights: Metal coming to a close and his run on Justice League about to begin Scott Snyder came to WonderCon 2018 for a special spotlight panel. Making the spotlight panel more intimate Snyder had was at the podium and turned it into a AMA with fans asking questions the entire time. See what Snyder reveals about his life and spoilers for his upcoming work at DC.

Scott Snyder starts by talking about how when he was writing All-Star Batman Dan Didio told him to spend a year studying how events are written before being given the reigns to go all in with Dark Nights: Metal. He talks about how appreciative he is of fans feedback and the love he gets as it all helps him constantly evolve his writing.

He then mentions how his favorite panel at a Con was when he asked for a bottle of wine before a panel he found the table lined with wine bottles and almost got in trouble for it.

When asked about his journey to becoming a comic book writer, Snyder mentions that DC will take pitches and use them for themselves because Batman is their property. Snyder says that DC won’t just let you do your pitch instead you must pitch yourself and sell what you bring to the table for them.

He then opens up about all his side work he took on to make ends meet a poor writer up-in-coming up. He mentions that it will be about working shitty jobs is part of growing and to continue doing what you want to do in after hours when others are sleeping to hone your craft. He mentions that Stephen King told him that talent is a common thing but hardwork is the secret to achieving the dream, even at the times when you don’t feel like putting in the work.

WonderCon 2018: Scott Snyder Spotlight

One of Snyder’s goals while working for DC Comics was to bring back foil covers. He loves that he made that happen with Dark Nights: Metal #6 having a special foil cover.

Snyder goes on to praise Sean Murphy’s work on Batman: White Knight for how he has a definitive Batman style. He then mentions how he told Sean that they would become best friends and worked to make that happen.

When talking about Greg Capullo, Snyder talks about what the process was for figuring out what Greg Capullo’s last 6 comics he was contracted to do DC Comics under his contract at the time. He praises how Capullo’s work is a masterclass of art and that Black Label is there way of exploring Batman in different situations that will be the end of his and Capullo’s Batman work.

When talking about Justice League he talks about how Martian Manhunter’s powers. He is treating Justice League as his only superhero book and questioning how the characters can be heroic when fighting with the Legion of Doom. He talks about how the Hall of Justice building represents rising above even the worst of you while the Legion of Doom’s building is the opposite.

He spoils that Plastic Man is asked to form anything that can help them and forms something to dice up all the bad guys in Dark Nights: Metal #6.

WonderCon 2018: Scott Snyder Spotlight

In Justice League #1 he mentions Martian Manhunter tells Batman to detonate his bombs on the moon and does it when called “Bruce.” because he is the crazy uncle prepared for everyone. Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl are leads in his run. He praises Grant Morrison and Dwayne McDuffie’s work on the Justice League comics and cartoon as being the benchmark for the franchise in his mind.

When asked about music compilation for Dark Nights: Metal, Snyder says that they are going to be doing a soundtrack that will be released alongside the Dark Nights: Metal trade around San Diego Comic Con time.

The idea of the Dark Multiverse started as something that is reflective of the worst in people and Batman trying to show that people can overcome things. Batman is driven by creating an engine of meaning for things that happen like his parents death. Dark Multiver is something that is a facet of all the horrible things that happen and Grant Morrison actually approved of it.

When talking about Death of the Family he talks about how it was inspired by his anxiety of having another kid when his wife was pregnant. Joker was used to give Batman what he desired, just being Batman forever without the Bat Family holding him back. That element made it a much more personal story for Snyder to write during that time.

WonderCon 2018: Scott Snyder Spotlight

Zero Year was inspired by how when his son had a lockdown situation at his school. Everything in Zero Year represented the fears that kids deal with today. The Red Hood Gang and Riddler are representations of those fears and threats in Zero Year. He is carrying over that real life anxiety and fear to craft the stories for his upcoming Justice League run.

When asked if the Dark Multiverse will continue on after Dark Nights: Metal, Snyder says it won’t disappear with the event’s end. Heroes actions in Metal will cause large ramifications throughout the DC Universe publishing line of comics. Those actions will lead into bigger stories for a lot of books like Justice League, Hawkman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and more.

Snyder praises DC Comics current climate being the best environment for creators it has ever been in all the time he has work for the company.

When talking about what attracts him to Batman is how the character has taken a tragedy and made it act as fuel to making something that will inspire hope for the future.

WonderCon 2018: Scott Snyder Spotlight

The most difficult character for Snyder to write initially was Superman because he thought the character was about doing the right thing. When he realized that Superman everything he does makes no sense since he will age out of Clark Kent. He sees Superman represents doing what you should believe is the right thing to do and is defined by his values that his parents helped him develop.