WonderCon 2018: Marvel Animation: From Pencil To Screen

WonderCon 2018: Marvel Animation: From Pencil To Screen

Marvel Animation made their presence known at WonderCon 2018 by putting a spotlight on all their upcoming projects involving the Avengers, Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy and more. To help talk about what they are doing Marvel Animation brought Kalia Ramirez, Laini Taylor, Cort Lane, Eric Radomski, Collette Sunderman, Mairghread Scott, Jeff Allen and Harrison Wilcox as the panelist.

The panel starts with talk on Avengers season five, titled Black Panthers Quest, and will center around the title character. All the new character designs for the Avengers are show. Every Avengers design is more streamlined from the ones seen in past seasons, with Black Panther’s costume looking like his first costume from the movies. Shuri’s design for the season was shown and she is shown as part of the line-up for the Avengers roster that includes Ms. Marvel, Thor, Shuri, Black Panther, Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America.

When describing Black Panther for season five Jeff Allen mentions that the character will be similar to Bruce Lee as he will be working in a ninja-like role, preferring to work more in the shadows. This is said to further emphasize Black Panther’s new design for the season.

WonderCon 2018: Marvel Animation: From Pencil To Screen

Collette Sunderman talks about James Mathis being the voice for Black Panther and how they found Shuri’s voice, who would put Black Panther in a big brother light, with Daisy Lightfoot casted in the role.

Harrison Wilcox talk about how Black Panther and Shuri find out that the Shadow Council have appeared and the season will be about the two discovering who they are. Black Panther’s relationship with the Avengers and those in Wakanda will be the central story point of the season along with who the Shadow Council are.

Collette mentions that they record the voice work as an assemble as much as possible, joking how Roger Craig Smith will sometimes mimic other voices during sessions that end up confusing editors.

They show a clip from season five showing Black Panther tangling with Tiger Shark in the sewers. As they fight Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow join in to help Black Panther out. The clip shown does not have sound effects done yet, only animation and voice work.

They move on to Guardians of the Galaxy’s next season call Mission Breakout, that features the Guardians breaking out of the Collector’s lair. The season will involve the Guardians adventures leading them into paying the price for their actions. That includes going on an adventure that will have different animation styles featured for the story.

WonderCon 2018: Marvel Animation: From Pencil To Screen

The Guardians will crossover with Spider-Man with the story centered around the Symbiotes. In the episode Peter will be in the Venom costume that was enhanced by Thanos. It will be the third episode of the new season.

A clip is shown with Venom Spider-Man fighting Rocket Raccoon in New York City. Rocket pisses off Spider-Man for offending Uncle Ben. Rocket tries his best to piss Spider-Man off so he can regain control from Thanos control.

They then move on to Marvel Funko animation. Kalia Ramirez talks about the different specials they have run from season one and two of the series that they have done. Showing various stills of episodes they have done. She mentions that Venom is their most popular villain from these shorts.

They premiere “Rooftalk Rock” featuring Spider-Gwen and Venom. Spider-Gwen is showin taking on Venom while listening to music and using various dance moves. And ends up using her MP3, by mistake, to take down Venom. The episode will be, or should be now, on Marvel’s YouTube channel.

WonderCon 2018: Marvel Animation: From Pencil To Screen

Kalia announces that they are now working on LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes – Black Panther: Trouble In Wakanda. Killmonger and Klaw are the main villains of the movie.

They show an in progress design featuring Black Panther fighting Thanos, Killmonger along with other Avengers with music inspired by the recent movie. Director Michael Black announces a finished render of what we just saw in full trailer form. It will be out sometime in 2018.

They then talk about Marvel Rising that will start with six animated shorts that leads into the animated movie. Chloe Bennet returning to voice Quake was announced along with the rest of the cast. Marvel Rising will target kids and introduce them to fan favorite characters that aren’t known to the mainstream audience. Eric Radomski talks about how Marvel Rising will have anime influence with Marvel working along with a Japanese animation studio for the shorts and movie.

WonderCon 2018: Marvel Animation: From Pencil To Screen

Mairghread Scott talks about how Ghost-Spider (Spider-Gwen) is the main character of the shorts. Squirrel Girl will be a comedic center of the show. Her friendship with Kamala Khan’s will be a core piece of the story as well. Exile and Hala character designs are also show during the panel. Footage of Marvel Rising is not shown but Cori Lane mentions that they will show more in the summer.