WonderCon 2019: BOOM! Studios: Discover Yours Panel

BOOM! Studios brought their big guns to WonderCon 2019 for their Discover Yours panel. The panel included Filip Sablik, Arune Singh, Lilah Sturges, Ryan Parrott, Sina Grace, C.B. Lee, Delilah S. Dawson and Greg Pak. All the creators and staff members spoke about current and upcoming projects in the pipeline for BOOM! Studios and we got the breakdown of the panel.

Lilah Sturges opened the panel up by talking about Lumberjanes and how she was able to relate to the story she was telling as a trans woman. Lilah went on to mention how the story explored what it means to be who you truly are and knowing yourself as a women.

The Magicians original graphic novel by Lilah will be on sale in the fall. There will be a a first look at The Magicians comic in May for Free Comic Book Day.

Ryan Parrott will start on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with issue #40, which also begins the “Necessary Evil” storyline with the White Ranger being the leader.

The conversation shifted to talking about the Ben 10 comics. C.B. Lee spoke about how the stories at their core are about a family having adventures together. It was then said that Ben 10: Mecha Madness will be out in December.

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Delilah S. Dawson then talked about Sparrowhawk, which will be out in August. Delilah says the series will be set in 1851 with a girl who is of a mixed race and has to deal with the trials and tribulations about that in this period of time. It evolves into what is summarized as teen Victorian fight club series with the main character ending up in a world where she has to fight to get power up in order to get back to her world and save it.

Arune Singh and Greg Pak talk about how the Firefly comic acts as second season of the show. The series has been a big success for BOOM! with multiple printings of previous issues and a collection out in April. Pak mentioned got into the Firefly series after getting the job. He watched the pilot after being pitched the book and got obsessed with it and watched the rest of the series after that.

Shifting back to Power Rangers, Parrott went in on how Go Go Power Rangers: Forever wraps up the plot threads of the first year for the team as Power Rangers. It is then announced that after Go Go Power Rangers: Forever they will be jumping forward in time of the series to explore the original six Power Rangers, picking up directly after Shattered Grid.

Additionally, with Go Go Power Rangers #21 Sina Grace joins Ryan Parrott as the co-writer for the series moving forward. Starting with #21 the Go Go series will also join the “Necessary Evil” storyline. Both Mighty Morphin and Go Go Power Rangers will be complementing each other during the “Necessary Evil” storyline.

Sina Grace will also be working on Ghosted In LA new series. Talks about how it is about a girl who moved to La to follow her sweetheart and gets dumped right away. The series will explore the fallout from that as the main character goes on to lives in an apartment complex filled with ghosts, deals with the trials of living in Los Angeles and her love life status quo.

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The Magicians: Alice’s Story will be Alice story. Lilah talked up how this series will show us Alice side of the story that we got in The Magicians series. In exploring this angle Lilah will also delve into what it means for Alice to be someone seeking out the same power as the main character from the original series.

Singh then announced that Greg Pak’s Ronin Island is getting a full series order. Pak talked about how excited he is to expand the story and explore more characters in-depth with the series continuing.

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