WonderCon 2019: This Is Your DC Universe Panel

To further promote their streaming service DC Comics put together a “This Is Your DC Universe” panel at WonderCon 2019. The panel was hosted by DC Daily Host Clarke Wolfe and featured CCO & Publisher Jim Lee, Sr. Vice President & General Manager of DC Universe Sam Ades, Doom Patrol Executive Producer Jeremy Carver, Swamp Thing Executive Producer Mark Verheiden and Young Justice Producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti.

They opened up the “This Is Your DC Universe” panel with some current stats on the service. Those stats included over 10,000 community discussions, over $25,000 invested in exclusive screenings for DC Comics shows and movies, over 120,000 votes on polls and brackets, and over 300 encyclopedia entries.

For a limited time DC Universe is being opened up for March 30th to celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary. All Batman content will be available all day.

To compliment that Jim Lee announced 20,000 comic books will be available on the DC Universe service in April. They included a sizzle reel to hype up this announcement. Lee said this is just the start with more comics being added in the future.

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Adding to the content available on DC Universe the entire first season of Krypton will be available on April 5th. This is the first season of a current show that has all episodes available on the same day.

Additionally, on April 16th Justice League vs Fatal Five available on the service. The next animated series to follow this will be Batman: Hush is next.

They showed an image of Stargirl live action look with a premiere year of 2020. They then showed the recent casting announcement for Titans.

Moving on to Doom Patrol a sneak peek was shown. It started with Cyborg and Robotman talking with each other. They went back and forth calling each other out until Cyborg walking out on the conversation. The sneak peek ended with a look at the Ant Farm. getting on each other’s cases and a look at the Ant Farm. While not shown Jeremy Carver mentioned that Flex Mentallo will make an appearance on Doom Patrol in the near future.

The focus was then moved to Mark Verheiden’s Swamp Thing series. Verheiden talked about how they are making the world within Swamp Thing scary. He specifically talked up the southern gothic horror element of Swamp Thing being brought to life. To accomplish this they are using as much practical effects for the show as possible.

Afterwards they showed a trailer for the upcoming first season of Swamp Thing. From initial impressions it certainly looks as though they are pushing the horror elements of Swamp Thing. Though we only got a brief look at the top of Swamp Thing’s head, as the trailer focused on the human characters on the show.

The panel ended with Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti briefly talking about Young Justice: Outsiders. They didn’t go into full details on the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders. Instead they kept things shorts as they treated everyone in attendance with a full screening of Young Justice: Outsiders episode 14, “Influence,” to close out panel. Read our full review of the episode by clicking here.

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