Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 14 Premiere Review

At the conclusion of the “This Is Your DC Universe” panel DC Comics premiered the first episode of Young Justice: Outsiders second half of season 3, episode 14 “Influence.” This was a great surprise for everyone in the audience, including myself.

Now before getting into this review I will admit that I have not watched the first 13 episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders. So I only had a broad idea of what has been going on this season given what I know of the first two seasons of Young Justice. Taking that into account there will only be minor spoilers in this review since Young Justice: Outsiders will not return with episode 14 live to the public until July 2nd.

With that out of the way, “Influence” was a big set-up episode. There was a lot of detail into setting up what the remainder of Young Justice: Outsiders will be about. Especially with how all the heroes of the DC Universe have been split up across the universe this was something that was clearly needed. It was almost a reset for many characters as Greg Weisman and company continue to position all of their chess pieces.

The key chess pieces that are obviously set-up is the Outsiders team of Halo, Geo-Force, Terra and Forager. These characters are certainly positioned as key players in this season. The way they don’t hide what Terra is doing was refreshing since her character arc is no different from what it has always been across comics and other mediums.

One of the standout moments in the Outsiders spotlight comes from Halo. While I’m not sure how her character arc has gone up to this point she made a choice that makes her an even more interesting character. The choice Halo makes continues to show how Young Justice is not afraid to work in diversity in a seamless way. The reaction from her teammates helped in keeping Halo’s arc part of the natural flow of the story going on.

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While character focused, “Influence” is not without a big action set-piece. There is a major action sequence involving fan favorite members of that will certainly bring a smile to many fans faces. The entire action sequence made good use of everyone involved and added to how many major threats the DC Universe heroes are facing in the Young Justice: Outsiders season.

All in all, Young Justice: Outsiders 14th episode, “Influence,” is a big success. It certainly got me interested in watching the first thirteen episodes of this season in order to be caught up by the time July 2nd is here.

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

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