X-Men/Spider-Man #2 Review

Creative Team
Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Mario Alberti

Story – Last Hunts

While this issue has some of the light heartedness from the, due large part of Spider-Man, this issue is a bit darker in story. But the darker feel to this issue is understandable since unlike the last issue, which took place during Peter’s time in college and with the five original X-Men, this issue takes place after two very dark storylines in both characters history: Kraven’s Last Hunt and Mutant Massacre. Still even though this was a darker issue Gage was still able to make this another fun read that tells the untold team-up of two of Marvel’s two biggest franchises.

What makes this a fun read is that Gage is able to keep this team-up between characters that have teamed-up many, many times in the past, mostly Spider-Man and Wolverine, is that Gage understands the core concept of these characters and at what point in their lives each one is in. Each of the characters are at low points in their careers were they at the breaking point and each one feels like they want revenge for what has just happened in their lives. Also this issue is a nice reminder what made Wolverine such a iconic character was before he omnipotent Wolverine that appears in all of Marvel’s titles that is currently running around.

Mario Alberti continues to be a highlight of this series. I love that he draws a Spider-Man that uses his speed and agility instead of power that many artist will draw Spider-Man during battles. Also his version’s of the five X-Men in this issue stays true to how these characters were drawn during the 80s that many X-fans should enjoy. I hope that once this series is over that Marvel gives Alberti a mainstream title to work on since I think many fans will enjoy his artwork.

Issue Rating
Story: 8.6/10 – Gage continues to impress me with how he knows how these characters were during different parts of their history.
Art: 8.1/10 – Alberti gives Gage’s story a lot of energy to them and the action scenes were very impressive in this issue.
Overall: 8. 35/10 – Another great issue in this miniseries. Hopefully the next issue is just as fun as these first two issues have been since it does involve Ben as Spider-Man and not Peter.