Green Lantern Corps #31 Review

Creative Team
Writer: Peter Tomasi
Artist: Patrick Gleason
Inker: Rebecca Buchman
Colorist: Randy Mayor

Story – Sins of the Star Sapphire Part 3: Empty-Handed Heart

Between what Peter Tomasi is doing over on Nightwing and on Green Lantern Corps he has quickly become one of my favorite DC writers. What makes Tomasi’s GLC a great read is that it is not just a spinoff title but it is also a spinoff title that supplements its big brother title unlike most spinoff titles. What Tomasi is doing on GLC is all used to build off what Geoff Johns is doing over on Green Lantern and building towards ‘The Blackest Night.’

Something that Tomasi is able to do a lot more here on GLC that Geoff Johns can’t or just isn’t doing is to explore all of the different alien races from the most normal to the most weirdest creatures in the DC Universe. It is because of this that it also allows Patrick Gleason’s artwork to shine since he is able to let loose with some the designs like the Violet Lantern Corps, the Sinestro Corp member Kyle and the other Green Lanterns fight, and even the pregnant Green Lantern. The action scenes were great and displayed the hectic battle Kyle and the other Green Lanterns were in against the crazy ass Sinestro Corp member. And the Mongul scene made me smirk just seeing Mongul surrounded by a harem of woman while crushing someones head.

While the fight scene with the Sinestro Corp member made up the bulk of this issue it was what the Guardians and Zamaronians scenes that made this issue a great read. It is interesting seeing how the Zamaronians are building up the Violet Lantern Corps and if it is going to only be woman that are allowed being part of their Violent Lantern Corps. On the other side of the spectrum (pun intended) the new law that the Guardians have inacted will not sit well with a lot of the Green Lanterns and provide for some interesting dissention with the Green Lanterns, especially with the Earth Green Lanterns who will appose these laws. All of these new laws and with more to come continue to make the Guardians out to be soulless bastards and I get the feeling that by the end of ‘The Blackest Night’ some, if not all, the Guardians are going to die due to the naitivity they are showing.

Issue Rating
Story: 8.4/10 – Tomasi continues to due a great job building up ‘The Blackest Night’ right along with what Geoff Johns is doing over in Green Lantern.
Art: 7.7/10 – Gleason provides for some nice artwork in this issue showing off some great designs for the different characters that inhabit the DCU outside of Earth.
Overall: 8.1/10 – Another great issue that builds ‘The Blackest Night’ event. I can’t wait to see how the Green Lanterns react to the new law the Guardians have created.