What We Want From Young Justice Season 3


It’s time to rejoice my fellow Young Justice fans as the beloved series is finally returning for season 3. Not only is the series returning for a third season, producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman are also returning to helm Young Justice. While the new season just started production, meaning it is a ways out before premiering, there is already a lot to look forward to given the previous two seasons. Here are just a few things that we would like to see happen.

The Team Getting An Official Name

Up until now the team in Young Justice has just been going by “The Team.” Even after the time jump they were still a covert branch of the Justice League. Now following “Endgame” The Team is known to the public after they led the efforts in stopping the Reach’s plans.

With this big moment, which is similar to when the Justice League first formed in the DCAU, it’s time The Team gets an official name within the universe. This will help establish The Team beyond just being the Justice League covert squad. It would also help them become a source of inspiration for the generation coming up just like what the Justice League was to the founding members of The Team.

Continuing DC’s Legacy Means

From the beginning Young Justice defined itself with the legacy each character was carrying on from their mentors. Even when each member of the team started to evolve and stand out from their mentors they all understood the legacy they were carrying on. This was successfully transitioned into the second season where we saw the original team working alongside their mentors as equals following the time skip. This was a big in showing us how these characters can actually grow out of the shadows of the Justice League.


And now with season three that is what we should expect to see continue, especially after the Justice League gave the team access to now work out of the Watchtower. With the team now experienced in leading the efforts in defeating a Justice League size threats the next step should be questioning if the original members are ready to take over for their mentors. Maybe even explore how characters like Batman and Aquaman are at age to retire or start a family so their mantles need to be handed down.

Exploring The Greater DC Universe

During the course of the second season of Young Justice we saw the Team finally have adventures in locations outside of Earth. That is something that should be expanded on in season three, especially with The Light expanding their reach after gaining possession of Warworld. This would also change up the pace for the Team as they can be put into positions of uncertainty by visiting new locations not native to them. It would also offer up an opportunity to spotlight the cosmic side of the DC Universe, which isn’t explored very often outside the Green Lantern franchise.

And speaking of the Green Lanterns, this could be a good way of introducing Kyle Rayner to the roster. With the core team being older and more experience after 5 years of working together Kyle can be a new recruit for the Team who is still learning to be a Green Lantern. This would help with the exploration of the cosmic side since the Green Lantern Corp plays such an important part in the greater universe.

Team Chemistry

At the conclusion of “Endgame,” the final episode of season two, we had some major shake ups to the Team. For one Wally West was lost in the Speed Force and Bart Allen honored his sacrifice by taking over the Kid Flash mantle. Because of this Artemis also returned to The Team but this time taking on the Tigress identity on full time. Then we had Nightwing take a break from the team and hand his leadership duties to Aqualad and Batgirl. We also saw Static Shock officially joining the team with Black Lightning offering to be his mentor. This is all on top of them now working out of the Watchtower and leading the battle against The Light.


With all of this the team chemistry should be explored far deeper. Season two did a fine job introduce new members to the team but quickly turned to spotlighting the founding members and Blue Beetle. With the team united we should see how they work together following the major events with the Reach.

It will also be good to see Batgirl actually take on a leadership role without Nightwing around. With Batgirl becoming such a huge star within the comics this is a good opportunity to further build her as a pillar in the greater DC Entertainment landscape.

New Heroes Join The Team

With this new season it would only make sense that other classic DC heroes join the Team. I mentioned having Kyle Rayner join the team. Other additions that can freshen up the chemistry to the team are Cyborg, Starfire, Donna Troy, Stargirl, Captain Marvel Jr, Hotspot, Terra and Kid Devil. There are a lot of young superheroes from DC’s vast catalogue in the Teen Titan and Young Justice mythos that can be added to the roster. It would definitely add more to the mix and further the concept of The Team being a place for the next generation of heroes to learn together.

What Is The Light’s Endgame

Last but certainly not least is learning more about what The Light has planned. With the Justice League and The Team ending up having to focus on taking out the Reach at the end of season two it’s time to put The Light back at the forefront. And how can they not?

While the Black Manta, Deathstroke, Monsieur Mallah, and Deathstroke were captured and Ra’s Al Ghul was severely injured the last image of The Light was Vandal Savage and Klarion on Apokolips with Darkseid. That is a powerful note for The Light to leave off on. Now with The Light shoring up their partnership with Darkseid they are even more dangerous.


Another thing that makes The Light even more powerful is that Lex Luthor is now seen as a hero to the public after he helped The Team and Justice League take down the Reach. With influences within Earth’s major sources of power The Team still has an uphill battle against The Light. That should create plenty of opportunities for Young Justice to continue its long-term story lines. And with holes to fill in The Light’s hierarchy the team behind Young Justice has plenty of room to highlight other major villains in DC’s library.

Even though we probably won’t get much information until early next year there is a lot to be excited about Young Justice return. Let us know your thoughts on the Young Justice season three in the comments below.