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Zorro: Man of the Dead #3 Advance Review

We got the chance to check out an early copy of Zorro Man of the Dead #3 which is due out on March 27, 2024. This is a four-issue mini-series from Massive Comics. Let’s find out how this issue turned out with our advanced review.


Writer: Sean Gordon Murphy

Artist: Sean Gordon Murphy

Colorist: Simon Gough

Letterer: DC Hopkins


El Rojo and the Cartel have had enough of Diego and his delusions. There will never be a return of Zorro, and they will punish anyone who disagrees. But even Rosa is having a hard time dismissing Zorro as anything more than a myth, as her brother relentlessly inspires hope across all of Le Vega. Things are getting dangerous FAST as Zorro, Rosa, Tomás, Bandito, and Tornado dash to stop the decimation El Rojo is planning for all who dare stand against him. Are whips and swords enough? I can’t help but believe in El Zorro!


The magic of Zorro Man of the Dead #3 is found in the cast of supporting characters and the setting for this story. La Vega is a rich and immersive setting. Murphy’s art is essential in pulling the reader into this world of drug dealers and Catholicism. It is a fascinating world that is equal parts hope and death.

The main reason I continue to enjoy this story is due to my love for Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote. Zorro Man of the Dead is not really a Zorro story at all. If you are looking for a Zorro story full of Don Diego on swashbuckling adventures then you are going to be disappointed. Zorro Man of the Dead is really a Don Quixote tale with Zorro theming.

I love Diego’s character. Diego claims to be imbued with the spirit of Zorro. The reader knows that Diego is delusional and is not really Zorro, but the reader hopes that Diego’s fantasy will be proven to be true. This makes Diego a romantic and appealing figure who is easy to root for and quite likable. Any scene with Diego is enjoyable. I particularly enjoy the over-the-top cheesy hero dialogue that Murphy gives Diego. It is something straight out of an old swashbuckler movie.

Murphy crushes it with the scene where Diego explains the spirit of Zorro and the hope that it represents. This scene is passionate and makes the reader ready to root even more for Diego. This is where the aspirational aspects of Zorro are the strongest in this issue. Murphy makes Diego both a passionate and romantic character while also making it seem like he has completely lost touch with reality. It is an interesting dichotomy that makes Diego’s possession of the spirit of Zorro so compelling.

Zorro Man of The Dead 3
Credit: Massive Comics

I also love Tomas aka El Cementario. Tomas continues to be a bad-ass who brings a certain level of grit and gravitas to the story. The scene where Tomas makes his argument to Rosa as to why he follows and believes Diego is perfect.

Rojo continues to be an excellent head villain that the reader loves to hate. Nothing is redeeming about Rojo at all. I love it when we get a villain who is just a pure bad guy rather than trying to make him tragic or sympathetic. Nope. Rojo is just a bad dude all around. Murphy gives enough panel time to Rojo to allow him time to strut around in a classic despotic manner.

Trejo continues to be a fantastic villain that the reader cannot help but admire. Murphy continues to show Trejo’s confidence in how Trejo can talk to Rojo in a manner that would get anyone else killed.  It is tough not to dig a villain as badass as Trejo. Murphy also makes sure to get Trejo into the action at the end of this issue to emphasize why Trejo is Rojo’s muscle.

But, it is not just the main characters that are well done. Even characters with small roles are given delightful personalities. From Patch to the Priest I appreciate that Murphy puts the time in to give all the characters interesting personalities.

Unfortunately, Diego’s sister, Rosa, is the weakest link in this story. Rosa continues to be a bit of a boring character that is not likable at all. At no point do I connect with Rosa’s character or find her to add anything compelling to the story. The problem with Rosa’s character is exacerbated by the fact that she is the true protagonist of the story. So, while the reader may desire more of our hopeless romantic Diego, we get more of the dour and bossy Rosa instead.

Of course, this title is not just an excellent cast of characters, well-done dialogue, and a rich setting. Nope. We also get some quality action, too. Zorro Man of the Dead #3 cranks up the intensity and action as we hurl toward the conclusion of this four-issue miniseries. The tension gets ratcheted up with each page.

The final scene in this issue is action-packed and has the reader legitimately worried for our protagonists at every step. The walls seemingly close in on our heroes as the reader is left wondering how they will emerge victorious. Murphy does an excellent job building up to the final issue of this story.

Story Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10


I was legitimately on the edge of my seat with the ending of Zorro Man of The Dead #3! This was a hell of a hook ending that makes you want to read the next issue immediately. I am a long-time Zorro fan and I do prefer a classic Don Diego swashbuckling adventure. However, I must admit that this intriguing take on the myth of Zorro in Zorro Man of The Dead has been fascinating. This story has been an interesting twist on the Zorro franchise that makes for something a bit different.

If you missed out on this mini-series don’t worry. Zorro Man of the Dead will be an exclusive digital release to Omnibus.app on April 2, 2024, and the graphic novel is available for preorder now on Simon & Schuster.

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