Changes to Reviews

With all school work I have been doing for my business classes I haven’t had much time to sit down and write as many comic reviews as I would like to do. In order to be able to write “more” comic reviews I have decided to change how my reviews will look. The format of my comic reviews will be similar to how my anime reviews were I will review all the issues I read in one post. Though the rating system will be the same as before but instead of writing a long review that includes the summary and highlight of the issue I will now only write a one to two paragraph reviews of an issue.

With how comics are currently written it is hard to judge a story arc based on a single issue so when a story arc or mini-series is over I will also write a full review of what I thought of the story. These reviews of will rate the overall story arc/mini-series and the art. The reviews will be similar in length to the single issue reviews I have been doing.

Now instead of attaching scans of my favorite pages of a comic to my reviews I will be writing a new article called “Comic Highlights of the Week” were I will post what I think was the best cover, page, panel, and spread of that week in comics. While the pages, panels, and spread will come from a comic I read that week the cover of the week could come from a comic I did or did not read. I will also write a short summary why I thought the image.