Cobra Commander #3 Review

Cobra Commander #3 Advance Review

With Cobra Commander #3 Joshua Williamson and Andrea Milana are continuing the introduction of the Dreadnoks in the Energon Universe. The Dreadnoks inclusion has further strengthened the story being built in Cobra Commander. We got the chance to check out an early copy of Cobra Commander #3. Find out how it turned out with our advanced review.


Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Andrea Milana

Colorist: Annalisa Leoni

Letterer: Rus Wooton


“WHAT IS THE SECRET OF ENERGON? Cobra Commander isn’t the only one looking to harness the alien energy source known as Energon. That means he has to either take control of the new organization he’s encountered…or destroy them.” – Image Comics & Skybound


To get a job done sometimes sacrifices need to be made, even if that sacrifice is oneself. That is certainly the mindset that Cobra Commander takes with how he takes the Dreadnoks problem he has. What it results in is a brutal Cobra Commander #3 that is not for the squeamish.

Joshua Williamson and Andrea Milana do not hold back in how they present the Dreadnoks as a threat. This is a group of unhinged people who revel in pain and torture, all the while making a profit however they can. That is showcased with the three lead Dreadnoks in Zarana, Buzzer, and Ripper. The way they carry themselves is reflected in how all of the rest of the Dreadnoks act.

Zarana is the standout of the Dreadnoks crew. She certainly imposes her authority on the Dreadnoks. You always know that she is the one calling the shots and is to be respected. Williamson does a good job at using the way Buzzer and Ripper back her up to emphasize Zarana’s leadership in this story.

Cobra Commander #3 Preview
Preview of interior artwork for Cobra Commander #3 by artist Andrea Milana and colorist Annalisa Leoni. Credit: Image Comics & Skybound

This makes the situation Cobra Commander finds himself in when dealing with the Dreadnoks even more intense. Williamson and Milana take the elements we saw in James Bond’s Casino Royal to another level. It gets to the point with how much the Dreadnoks do to Cobra Commander you almost sympathize with the G.I. Joe villain.

But that is the key, you almost sympathize with Cobra Commander. Williamson and Milana utilize the fact that Cobra Commander is never seen without his mask to the strength of the character. At no point does anything the Dreadnoks do phase him. Rather, there is a feeling that the Dreadnoks are playing right into Cobra Commander’s plan.

The way things circle back to the Transformers elements of this story is made to be a natural part of the developments in Cobra Commander #3. The deeper we are getting into the Energon Universe the more we are seeing how there is a new race for power. That race for power centers around Energon itself. Having Energon be the connecting element is a great way to create a true feeling of a shared universe between the Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Void Rivals comic books. The way Williamson and Milana handle Energon allows this to still be focused on Cobra Commander’s goals while the rest is secondary developments, for now.


Cobra Commander #3 kicks things up a notch with the Dreadnoks proving to be excellent antagonists for our titular character to face. Joshua Williamson and Andrea Milana create a story that enhances the strengths and weaknesses of every character that appears on screen. The chemistry created between Cobra Commander and the Dreadnoks makes this a must-read comic book.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10