Nana Shimura Family Spotlight

My Hero Academia Chapter 417 Spotlights Nana Shimura Family

My Hero Academia Chapter 417 brought Nana Shimura. This was due to Nana being the only one of the One For All past users that was repelled from entering Tomura Shigaraki’s Vestige World. Because of that Nana instead entered Shigaraki’s Vestige World alongside Izuku Midoriya. With this Midoriya and Nana experienced the dark history of what led Tenko Shimura to become Tomura Shigaraki.


Izuku Midoriya meets Truck-kun in My Hero Academia Chapter 417
Truck-kun almost gets Izuku Midoriya to experience his own Isekai origin in My Hero Academia Chapter 417. Credit: Viz Media

During the first half of My Hero Academia Chapter 417 both Izuku Midoriya and Nana Shimura had their own experience within Shigaraki’s Vestige World. For Nana it was feeling the pain of abandoning Kotaro Shimura in an attempt to protect her son from All For One. Meanwhile, Midoriya almost experienced his own Isekai adventure as a Truck-kun, a typical plot device to kill a character that gets sent to another world, manifested and just narrowly misses hitting him. After Truck-kun failure manifestations of Stain, Re-Destro, and Overhaul tried to stop Midoriya from exploring Shigaraki’s Vestige World.

All of these attempts spoke to Shigaraki’s own will to stop Midoriya and Nana from seeing further into his Vestige World. Nana being rejected from being transferred into Shigaraki was likely the will of the villain rejecting everything about his past as Tenko Shimura. Along with the manifestations to stop Midoriya, Shigaraki did use the experience of the other One For All users invading his Vestige World to attempt to counter.

This also spoke to how for different reasons Shigaraki did not want Nana and Midoriya to enter his Vestige World at all. Of anyone in the world both characters represent something truly dangerous to Shigaraki. It is that danger that made him create these defenses as soon as Nana and Midoriya’s presence was detected in his Vestige World.


Nana Shimura and Izuku Midoriya - My Hero Academia Chapter 417
Nana Shimura and Izuku Midoriya stop the manifestation of Kotaro Shimura from hitting the young Tenko Shimura in My Hero Academia Chapter 417. Credit: Viz Media

Shigaraki’s defenses ended up not working as both Nana and Midoriya were able to witness the villain’s origin. Right away we see the impact of seeing the physical and mental abuse Kotaro Shimura put the young Tenko through as heartbreaking. Especially for Nana, it was in that moment she truly felt what abandoning Kotaro because she thought it was for the best actually had. She unintentionally caused this chain of hatred to start with Kotaro and continue with Tenko after he became Shigaraki.

This development highlighted one of the important plot points Kohei Horikoshi has explored throughout My Hero Academia. That plot point is the concept of people having others that reach out to and help them. Whether it’s Midoriya trying to save Bakugo from Sludge Villain, Class 1-A backing each other up, or the Todoroki Family battle with Dabi, reaching out to others is important.

This leads us to My Hero Academia Chapter 417, one of the more important moments in the franchise. That was both Nana and Midoriya stopping the manifestation of Kotaro from hitting the young Tenko, who was a pure black shadow. By doing so Nana was finally able to apologize to a version of Kotaro for abandoning him. Horikoshi handles this with care as Nana knows this doesn’t change what has already happened but still wanted to do to help.

This left Midoriya to experience the next stages of young Tenko’s transformation into Tomura Shigaraki as Mon, Tenko’s pet dog, appeared as well. This does put into question if Midoriya will experience Shigaraki’s entire origin story of killing the rest of the Shimura family. Along with Mon we did briefly see Hana Shimura, Shigaraki’s older sister, manifest as well. Given how things have gone both the manifestations of Mon and Hana important to why Tenko became Shigaraki they could play a key role in what Midoriya does next.

This all leaves My Hero Academia Chapter 417 to be a very emotional chapter in the final battle between Midoriya and Shigaraki. There is no telling how things will continue to play out in Shigaraki’s Vestige World. Whatever happens next will be in how this final fight ends.