Comic Book Revolution Podcast #13

Shawn and I are back to take on a fresh batch of comic books with this thirteenth edition of the Comic Book Revolution’s Podcast. In this podcast we tackle the following issues:

Dark Avengers #10
Mighty Avengers #30
Justice League of America #38

We are all about options, so if you would rather download and listen to the mp3 of the podcast rather than watching the enhanced version with the pics then you can go ahead and head over to The Revolution’s podcast page and listen or download the mp3 of the podcast. And we are on iTunes if you want to subscribe.

3 thoughts on “Comic Book Revolution Podcast #13

  1. Bendis should write Seinfeld. That's how his Avengers (New and Dark) usually sound. I like Bendis speak, even in Avengers, but sometimes it is too much.

    I love the Sentry, let's hope they don't turn him into Kenny. Under Bendis, he has almost always underperformed, either he dies or is scared shitless and doesn't fight. I did however like Ultron driving him crazy by (killing?) his wife, I think it was the only good way he thought of taking him of the board.

    I actually was intrigued by the ending, I feel that it was supposed to be ambiguous and left to the imagination. Is it Molecule Man's powers creating the apocalyptic background? Is it Osborn's imagination? I believe that if it was a story written by Grant Morrison, everyone would be wondering about the meanings of each villain in the scene, the meaning of the colors white, red and green before the transition, and the meanings of those meanings.

  2. And regarding the JLA… be thankful that no cries for JUSTICEEEE!!!111! were uttered in that comic.

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