Comic Book Revolution Podcast #15: Halloween Edition

All right, it is time for another Revolution Podcast. We picked up some new equipment and mics and have recorded what is our best sounding podcast so far. Shawn’s voice is almost equal in volume to my voice. At any rate, this fifteenth podcast is a special all zombie podcast in celebration of Halloween. In this Halloween Edition podcast we review:

Blackest Night #4
Green Lantern #47
Blackest Night: Titans #3

We are all about options, so you can also check out The Revolution’s page for a larger version of the enhanced podcast.

Or, if you would like to download and listen to the mp3 of the podcast rather than watching the enhanced version with the pics then you can go ahead and head over to The Revolution’s podcast page and listen or download the mp3 of the podcast.

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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Revolution Podcast #15: Halloween Edition

  1. Excellent podcast as always.

    You hit the nail on the head with how the BN Batman and Titans are making up for their lack of plot progression with strong character moments (Dick and Tim with their parents, Donna and Beast Boy with their significant others), something BN Superman lacked.
    Sure, they had an evil Superman attacking Clark Kent's hometown, but how much more powerful and intense would it have been for it to have been a battle with a BL Pa Kent. All BN Superman offered besides awesome action was an explantion of why New Krypton and its 100,000 Supermen would not factor into Blackest Night.

  2. I'm a long time follower of the Revolution. I just have to say that while I love the podcasts, I think it would be great if you could show the page you're talking about when reviewing the comic. Obviously this doesn't work for the written reviews because then you'd basically be posting the whole comic, but for the podcast, I think it's fair to say that no one would be able to read the comic that way. Just a thought.

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