Comic Book Revolution Podcast #4

All right, Shawn is MIA so I am flying solo in the Comic Book Revolution’s fourth podcast. I prefer having my boy riding shotgun with me on these podcasts, but the show must go on. The pictures for this enhanced podcast should look superior to those of the previous podcasts. I continue to try and tweak things as we go along. It is a big learning process for me.

Any rate, here are the issues that we review in this podcast. Here are the comic books that we review in this podcast:

The Vengeance of The Moon Knight #1
Ultimate Comics: Armor Wars #1
Batman and Robin #4

We are all about options, so if you would rather download and listen to the mp3 of the podcast rather than watching the enhanced version with the pics then you can go ahead and head over to The Revolution’s podcast page and listen or download the mp3 of the podcast. And we are on iTunes if you want to subscribe.