Amanda Waller Dawn Of DC Status Quo

Hunt For Amanda Waller Begins In Green Arrow #2

When it comes to the focus of Dawn Of DC we’ve seen DC Comics rebuilding their universe through the heroes. Whether its classic heroes like Batman and Superman or new heroes like City Boy and Xanthe Zhou, the core focus for the DCU is the heroes. But from the shadows we’ve seen one major DCU antagonist having their hand in the plans the villains are having. That antagonist is none other than Amanda Waller and as we saw in this week’s Green Arrow #2 she is doing all this somewhere she won’t be found.

With the DCU heroes getting such a big victory of saving the Multiverse during Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths there was no doubt a high that they were riding. While the Justice League are not around we’ve seen the heroes have been stepping up, whether it is the return of the Titans, the Superman Family operating as a united group, or various heroes being active in a solo role. It could be argued that during the early stages of Dawn Of DC this is the most united the heroes in a long time.

The Light Appear In Dark Crisis #7
The Light agree to Amanda Waller’s plan to eradicate metahumans in Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths #7. Credit: DC Comics

That’s where the narrative for Amanda Waller becomes even more intriguing. Because as we saw in the epilogue for Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths #7, Amanda Waller was able to get the backing of the mysterious Council Of Light to eradicate metahumans from Earth. Based on the presentation Joshua Williamson is using The Light from the Young Justice animated series as inspiration for the DC Universe’s Council Of Light. How similar they are is not confirmed as we only see silhouettes for the members of the Council Of Light. So it is not clear if it will be revealed that known villains like Lex Luthor and Vandal Savage are behind the mysterious organization.

Based on Peacemaker’s appearance in Titans #1, Waller does appear to continue her high-level job with the US government. At least Peacemaker and his team are operating as US anti-metahuman agents under Waller’s leadership. Peacemaker’s confrontation with the Titans its been made clear that if the heroes don’t get in line and work as representatives of the US they will eventually be targeted as enemies of the government.

While all of that was established, the Dawn Of DC Primer gave us greater insight into what Amanda Waller is doing in her continued position in the US government and now having the Council Of Light’s backing. In Dawn Of DC Primer, Waller makes it clear she believes her mission in targeting metahumans and other heroes is to save the world. That wording choice is likely her views of what’s best for her country is best for the world as we see with the self-importance of most government officials. That is all highlighted with how Waller has assembled an army of villains to kill all the superheroes.

Which brings us to the events of Joshua Williamson and Sean Izaakse’s Green Arrow we get event greater idea that Amanda Waller isn’t keeping her plans focused on Earth. Because just as Roy Harper finally reunited with his long-lost daughter, Lian Harper, that was all taken away. As we saw in Green Arrow #1 Lian and Connor Hawke, another previously lost character, were mysteriously teleported away, with Lian ending up in the Multiverse dimension Oliver Queen is stuck in.

DCU Heroes Targeted By Amanda Waller
Amanda Waller places a target on all of the DC Universe’ superheroes as seen in Dawn Of DC Primer. Credit: DC Comics

There are many questions to all of this but what stuck out was Lian’s final words to her father before being teleported away that Amanda Waller is involved with her disappearance. Given the suddenness of Lian and Connor’s disappearance again everything points to Waller being responsible. With the Council Of Light’s likely having unlimited resources Waller could very well be using the Multiverse for her own needs. Given that Williamson, the one leading creative for Dawn Of DC, is writing Green Arrow it all makes this a close to 100% truth.

Amanda Waller’s tying her superhero elimination plan with the Multiverse is hinted even more in Green Arrow #2. When Lian mentions Connor Hawke being his son Oliver Queen memories of his son suddenly return. And like with Lian’s previous disappearance, Oliver is quick to bring up Amanda Waller’s name as being responsible for all this.

With Amanda Waller’s name being brought up this has placed a target on her in Green Arrow #2. Arsenal and Black Canary did everything in their power to track Waller down. This came to a conclusion with Peacemaker and Peacewrecker confronting Arsenal and Black Canary. With this confrontation Peacemaker made it clear no one will be able to find Waller. This further emphasizes how Waller in the Dawn Of DC Primer spoke too how she is going to be operating in the shadows for all her machinations.

All these developments around Amanda Waller accomplish many things. First and foremost it has elevated Waller to be one of the biggest antagonists in the DC Universe. In her own way she is filling in the hole with Lex Luthor now in prison and villains like Darkseid and Deathstroke being MIA after Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Arsenal and Black Canary vs Peacemaker and Peacewrecker
Peacemaker and Peacewrecker make it clear to Arsenal and Black Canary they won’t find Amanda Waller in Green Arrow #2. Credit: DC Comics

And as we see with Green Arrow #2, because of Waller’s elevated status it also elevates other villains that will act as an extension of her will. That’s what we see with Peacemaker’s appearance in both Titans #1 and Green Arrow #2. As soon as he appears on the screen, he is presented with an authority he never had before. This provides a great example that other previously minor villains could have elevated status if they are shown as operatives for Waller as they go after various heroes.

That said, as of now it looks as though DC Comics is going to be going with a slow burn approach for the plans involving Amanda Waller and the Council Of Light. Because while the story has progressed in Joshua Williamson’s Green Arrow and Tom Taylor’s Titans the story hasn’t developed anywhere else. Where we will likely see this story continue is in Williamson’s Superman and Taylor’s Nightwing series given those two characters status in Dawn Of DC.

But with Knight Terrors dominating the summer for DC there is a question of where else we will see Amanda Waller pop up. There are several relaunch series like Tom King and Daniel Sampere’s Wonder Woman where we could see Waller plotline could continue. That is still unknown but this will definitely be a long play. In a way Waller and Council Of Light’s storyline is taking a lot after how we saw The Light portrayed in the Young Justice animated series.

With that in mind, Green Arrow’s new ongoing series in particular will play an important role Amanda Waller has caught the attention of Oliver Queen, Roy Harper, Dinah Lance, and the rest of the Green Arrow Family.