Torrent #4 Advance Review

Torrent #4 Advance Review

There are a lot of elements from the DCU and Marvel Universe in what we see in Torrent. While they have been apparent Marc Guggenheim and Justin Greenwood have put in a lot of work that those similarities aren’t what the reader thinks about. Torrent has stood as its own, distinct superhero universe. That is thanks to the journey that Michelle Metcalf has been on that has taken her down a path of revenge after her life has changed by one of the villains in her rogues gallery. That path led Michelle to be confronted by her superhero peers. Find out how the next chapter in Michelle Metcalf life goes with our advance review of Torrent #4.


Writer: Marc Guggenheim

Artist: Justin Greenwood

Colorist: Rico Renzi

Letterer: Keith Wood


“Michelle Metcalf used to be Crackerjack, the most happy-go-lucky superhero. But all that changed the night her husband was murdered and her son was kidnapped. Now, all she cares about is getting her boy back. But things don’t exactly go according to plan as Michelle barrels toward an ending that no one saw coming.” – Image Comics


Given how as Crackerjack, Michelle Metcalf was part of the premiere superhero team there was only so far she could go down the path of revenge before her peers made her answer for her actions. That is what Torrent #4 dedicates itself to and we get a lot of great character work through an action showcase of Justin Greenwood’s artwork.

One of the impressive parts of Torrent #4 is the self-awareness by Marc Guggenheim and Justin Greenwood of how often the superhero vs superhero story has been done. Early on during Michelle’s fight with Captain Criterion, a Superman-esque hero, the impact of their fight is felt. Especially with the change in fighting style we’ve seen Michelle take as a vigilante there is visible impact in how it is received. And it doesn’t just come from what Captain Criterion says to her during the fight. The way it is done gives greater weight to the path Michelle has chosen for herself.

Torrent #4 Cover by Rico Renzi Justin Greenwood
Justin Greenwood and Rico Renzi cover for Torrent #4. Credit: Image Comics

This opening fight with Captain Criterion does well to sell how the rest of The Praetorians superhero team factor into the story. Not only are all the members of The Praetorians approach understandable but also how Michelle has to counter what is thrown her way works to what we know of her fighting style. There is a lot a of great fight psychology utilized to make how the fight goes down give greater importance to the words spoken by Michelle and her former peers.

Through all of this it’s Justin Greenwood artwork that stands out. Greenwood gets a greater chance to showcase how he is able to deliver big superhero action. And as we’ve seen in previous issues, Greenwood has a great talent for how the action furthers the narrative. The way Michelle and the others react to how their fights go down effectively tells you how impactful this confrontation is to all the characters.


Marc Guggenheim and Justin Greenwood deliver an action packed story with a lot of heart in Torrent #4. The Praetorians are given the sense of importance to the story you expect from the premiere team a superhero universe. What they bring to the table helps further the story Michelle Metcalf is on to grow your investment in her narrative.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10