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The Comic Book Revolution is a labor of love. I started this website back in 2006 due to my love for the comic book industry. What spurred me on to start my own website was my frustration over the lack of honest comic reviews online. The major comic book websites appeared to be more like shills for the major comic book publishers rather than honest and critical review websites. It seemed that access to talent and posting advertisements for money were the main objectives of these websites rather than delivering quality comic book reviews. This is what caused me to start the Comic Book Revolution. I give my own perspective on comic book issues and the various aspects of the comic book industry in general.

I have kept at the Comic Book Revolution over the years trying to create as much content as possible. I have resisted the temptation to place any advertising on the Comic Book Revolution. I know that, as a reader, I find websites full of intrusive ads to be an absolutely wretched user experience. Online ads degrade the look of a website and erode the reader’s experience. I love that I can supply readers with a website that has a clean format and is completely free from any type of intrusive and irritating advertisements. The lack of direct advertisements also means that our web pages load quickly. I try to focus on creating a useful resource with the Comic Book Revolution rather than a vehicle for ads or page views.

Unfortunately, many of the comic book blogs that were in existence in 2006 when I started the Comic Book Revolution are not longer around or no longer being updated. I don’t want that to happen to the Comic Book Revolution. I intend to keep the site running and to continue posting regularly. However, the blog is not my main job, and yet it takes a substantial amount of time to produce. I am creating this Patreon so that readers who find what I am doing valuable can support my spending time on creating content and money to maintain and host the website and podcast.

The Comic Book Revolution is funded out of my own pocket. The Comic Book Revolution is my passion. However, this website is not my occupation nor is it supposed to be a source of income. It does take a substantial amount of time to produce the content for the website and the podcast. Websites are not cheap and I personally carry all of the associated costs for hosting and website maintenance. I also carry the cost for the hosting for the podcast. It would be great if the Comic Book Revolution could at least pay for all of its own costs. So, that is why I am here asking if you enjoy what we deliver at the Comic Book Revolution to please consider visiting our Patreon page and pledging to us so we can keep the lights on here in The Bunker.

Thank you for reading. Your support is totally optional but very much appreciated. I currently do not have any special membership benefits to offer, but I’m open to suggestions.