My Hero Academia Chapter 334 Parting Gift

My Hero Academia Chapter 334 Review – Star And Stripe Parting Gift

My Hero Academia Chapter 334 Parting Gift

Kohei Horikoshi has taken My Hero Academia to another level with these recent chapters of the series. The introduction of Star And Stripe was something I did not know was what the series needed. She has been an absolute game changer from the moment she first appeared. Even though she ended dying after an epic clash against Tomura Shigaraki the impact Star And Stripe is leaving will be felt for a long time thanks to her last act being to turn her New Order Quirk against every Quirk All For One previously stole. How much has the game changed with this final act by Star And Stripe? Let’s find out with My Hero Academia Chapter 334.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: All For One-Tomura Shigarki absords Near High-End Nomu’s Wing Quirk to desperately escape as the USA military jets continue to fire on him while Star And Stripe’s New Order continues to destroy his Quirks from the inside. As the USA jets chase Tomura one of the pilots thinks how Star And Stripe will go down as the greatest hero that even surpassed All Might.

All For One-Tomura finds an escape convict named Kashiko Kashi. All For One-Shigaraki steals Kashiko’s Quirk and attempts to transfer New Order into Kashiko now that he is Quirkless. This attempt fails

Within the All For One vestige world the spirit of Star And Stripe reveals that after her New Order revolted and destroyed so many of All For One’s Quirks that the New Order Quirk is gone. In her final words to All For One, Star And Stripe says that someone will inherit The Will Of Heroism and put an end to All For One.

All For One laughs this off believing that as he is the one who is who will live the longest and that’ll make him win in the end.

Deeper within All For One’s vestige world a Tomura appears in his Tenko Shimura form (his name before he became Tomura Shigaraki) surrounded by hands covering his entire body except his eyes. Tenko thinks about “some hero” and calls out to Izuku Midoriya.

My Hero Academia Chapter 334 Parting Gift
Star And Stripe leaves All For One with one final “gift” from her New Order Quirk in My Hero Academia Chapter 334. Click for full page view.

Having lost track of All For One-Tomura Shigaraki the USA pilots land in Japan to meet up with Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and Hawks.

As all the countries get the news about Star And Stripes death the heroes from other countries decide against going to help Japan and protecting their nations instead.

The USA pilots meet up with Toshinori Yagi and Japanese government official to provide them all the information they have about the fight between Star And Stripe and Shigaraki. The pilots go on to reveal they were able to do extensive analysis on All For One during the fight and learn all Quirks he had at his disposal at the time.

The next day (two days after Izuku Midoriya returned to UA High School), Toshinori informs Class 1-A that Shigaraki is now out of commission for at least a week thanks to the time Star And Stripe bought them. Toshinori goes on to tell Class 1-A they will be using this time to train and plan how to take down Shigaraki and All For One once and for all. End of chapter.

The Good: There is no creator on a hotter streak of the highest highs with content than Kohei Horikoshi on My Hero Academia right now. Every chapter in this Star And Stripe vs All For One-Tomura Shigaraki arc have been stellar. The conclusion in My Hero Academia Chapter 334 was no different.

What is amazing about this entire arc is how the momentum is not lost for a single second. From the very beginning of this story arc to final page in My Hero Academia Chapter 334 the momentum is always being carried the momentum forward. The way this chapter is a great example of the greatness of this arc. Right away we are in the middle of All For One-Tomura Shigaraki trying to save himself from dying from the internal attack by Star And Stripe’s New Order Quirk and the USA pilots constant fire in the sky.

All of this madness gets into how for the first time in My Hero Academia’s history we do see All For One truly raddled. Not even All Might was able to push All For One in the way Star And Stripe did during this story arc. And specifically with her final command of her New Order Quirk, Star And Stripe truly did accomplish something that makes her into one of the greatest heroes of all-time in the My Hero Academia Universe. That is something the reader believes even before the US pilot says this through his internal monologue.

The success of what Star And Stripe accomplished speaks to how great of a job Horikoshi did to make the character so believable. Every action the character took was all something when you see it happen you believe it is something Star And Stripe would do. The twist that her final command with New Order exhausted her Quirk to the point it would be destroyed by the time it finished recking havoc inside All For One was fantastic. It really got the point across that this was the plan Star And Stripe had prepared in case she truly wasn’t enough to defeat All For One. She left her mark on the series that will continue to be felt even now that she is physically gone.

Being pushed in this way also just highlighted how true of a villain All For One is. Even when it looks like the heroes got a victory All For One wants to emphasize that by continuing to live he is the true winner. That confidence even as many of his Quirks were destroyed and he failed to transfer the New Order Quirk to another villain speaks to how supremely confident All For One is. This development may just end up accelerating his behind the scenes actions as we saw in My Hero Academia Chapter 329.

My Hero Academia Chapter 334 Parting Gift
Star And Stripe proves to be an equal and surpass All Might in My Hero Academia Chapter 334. Click for full page view.

The reveal that Tenko Shimura still resides with Tomura Shigaraki and All For One in spirit form was an unexpected twist. Horikoshi did a good job emphasizing that this person was Tenko and not Tomura. This goes into the message that now someone will inherit The Will Of Heroism that All Might and Star And Stripe carried. Incorporating The Will Of Heroism concept further hints at how Izuku Midoriya can defeat All For One is to save the Tenko Shimura side that Tomura Shigaraki has buried deep within himself. This gives Horikoshi another avenue to explore Tomura’s character and how our heroes will ultimately win in the end.

With how massive this Star And Stripe vs All For One-Tomura Shigaraki fight was it is understandable that Japan would end up losing their allies as of a result. Because as much as heroes like Salaam wanted to help his Japanese allies with the death of Star And Stripe that is now to big of a risk for the safety of the rest of the world. It is all an understandable reaction that further emphasizes the impact Star And Stripe has on this series is multi-layered. This all puts into question as to how all of the world heroes will separately deal with the threat All For One and the League of Villains still are.

At the same time, Horikoshi gives himself some time to take a bit of a step back to get back to UA High School and the students time to train once again. Things have been moving so quickly that we really haven’t had a chance to see the UA High School students get time to train after the Endeavor Agency story arc. Now with Star And Stripe buying the heroes time to prepare Izuku Midoriya and the rest of Class 1-A can focus on training to become even more proficient with their Quirks. This hopefully means we will see more time given to further develop Class 1-A and other students at UA High School as individuals and their chemistry together.

The Bad: Nothing.

Overall: My Hero Academia Chapter 334 is the example of how you conclude a story arc in the most powerful way possible. Kohei Horikoshi absolutely knocked it out of the park with how the Star And Stripe vs All For One-Tomura Shigaraki fight concluded. Now I am even more hyped about the future of My Hero Academia in the direct aftermath of this chapter.

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