My Hero Academia Chapter 356

My Hero Academia Chapter 356 Review – “Regarding The Enemy”

Last we left My Hero Academia it finally looked as though the heroes were turning the fight against All For One around. Hawks, Earphone Jack, and Tsukuyomi worked well enough together to hit a major blow on All For One. Now the question is how will All For One respond to being the one at the disadvantage in a fight with heroes not named All Might? Let’s find out with chapter 356 of My Hero Academia.


Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi


With Earphone Jack’s encouragement Tsukuyomi hits All For One with his new Ultimate Move, Black Abyss: Ragnarök Fleeting Blow.

All For One is left shocked by how both Hawks and Tsukuyomi landed powerful attacks on him after he spent so much time gathering sensory Quirks to make up for losing most of his sense in the fight against All Might. All For One realizes that it wasn’t Earphone Jack’s attack alone that impacted him but the fact that the spirits of the Quirk users he stole powers from rebelled against him within his Vestige World.

Seeing an opening Hawks goes in for a finishing blow but All For One unleashes an angry barrage of Rivet Stabs attack. Hawks quickly changes course to protect Earphone Jack and Tsukuyomi by using his body as a human shield.

My Hero Academia Chapter 356
All For One’s own Vestige World turns against him in My Hero Academia Chapter 356. Credit: VIZ Media

Endeavor suddenly appears and destroys all of the Rivet Stabs. All For One calls out Endeavor by saying “That doggedness has left you twisted and disfigured!!”

Endeavor envisions his younger self talking to him about his original motivation for becoming a hero. Endeavor’s younger self says his own father’s failure in risking himself against a villain to protect a girl that led to Endeavor’s father and the girl’s death. Endeavor’s younger self then reminds the present Endeavor to stop trying to be All Might or Deku and use being motivated by his own weaknesses as he always has.

With this in mind, Endeavor smashes All For One with a powerful fire attack while stating “Putting an end to this fight is my duty.” End of chapter.


We are at a point in My Hero Academia where things are not slowing down. We are constantly on the go. Even when there are slower moments with inner monologues going on it will immediately be followed up with massive jaw-dropping action. That is what My Hero Academia Chapter 356 delivers from start to end.

Starting out with Tsukuyomi and Earphone Jack not wasting time in following up Hawks’s previous attack was an excellent tone setting. Kohei Horikoshi knows exactly how to make both the dialogue and artwork work together to make moments as impactful as they can be. You see that with Earphone Jack telling Tsukuyomi to attack while jumping off his back so Tsukuyomi could have the maximum amount of momentum for his Ultimate Move. It all worked to make Tsukuyomi’s Black Abyss: Ragnarök Fleeting Blow an incredible moment.

This opening worked to emphasize how every character in My Hero Academia is important to the story. This isn’t simply a story about Deku, Bakugo, All For One, and Tomura Shigaraki. All For One even denying the difference that Tsukuyomi and Earphone Jack have made in this fight made Black Abyss: Ragnarök Fleeting Blow an even better moment. It all emphasized how important the entire cast is to the success of My Hero Academia.

Adding to what is going on is Horikoshi continues to highlight the importance of the Vestige World for the All For One and One For All Quirks are to the story. With All For One, we are seeing how finally all the evil he has done is coming back to bite him as it’s the spirits of the Quirk users he stole powers from and killed that are proving to be his ultimate kryptonite. All For One’s kryptonite fulling him to launch an angered fueled Rivet Stabs attack was even more fitting for how this battle has gone.

My Hero Academia Chapter 356
Endeavor returns to the fight against All For One in My Hero Academia Chapter 356. Credit: VIZ Media

All For One’s anger made Endeavor’s return as dramatic as it could be. All For One not wasting a second in calling out how terrible Endeavor looked was a fitting character moment for the My Hero Academia big bad.

It also worked to get into why Horikoshi slowed things down to give us a look into Endeavor’s backstory. Thus far we’ve only seen Endeavor’s backstory from raising his own family. This is the first time we really get into Endeavor as a teenager and find out what really motivated him to become the hero and man we’ve seen him be. Endeavor being fueled by his own father’s heroic failure is a heartbreaking one. This further highlighted how Endeavor is a character that has been all about failure. Whether it’s from his failures as a father or becoming the ideal #1 Pro Hero like All Might, for better or worse failure is what has made him push forward.

Now, this puts into question how exactly this fight with All For One ends. Because on one end we have All For One who is dealing with having the Vestige World working against him. Then there is a heavily injured Endeavor with Hawks, Tsukuyomi, and Earphone Jack fighting this still powerful villain. What sacrifices are likely made keeps the interest in what will happen next.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 356 is a strong continuation of how this fight has gone against All For One. Endeavor, Hawks, Tsukuyomi, and Earphone Jack all had great character moments that worked together to push the story forward in exciting ways. All these strong character moments have you greatly anticipating finding out what happens next.

Story Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10