Power Rangers #20 Review – Tragedy Hits Jason Hard

The Power Rangers franchise is about to hit a major milestone under BOOM! Studios as we near the 100th comic book issue. To mark this occasion recent issues of Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers have been using the “Charge To 100” banner. As big as a milestone that this will be for the Power Rangers franchise things aren’t going any easier for both the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Omega Rangers. Recently Jason was hit with the devastating news that his mother has passed away. With such news, Jason and the Omega Rangers are heading back to Earth for the funeral in Power Rangers #20.


Writer: Ryan Parrott

Artist: Marco Renna

Colorists: Walter BAiamonte, Sharon Marino, and Sara Antonellini


In Angel Grove, everyone gathers as Jason Scott and his father lay his mother to rest.

After the funeral, Ernie shares with Jason how his mother would sneak into the community center to watch Jason give kids martial arts lessons without being noticed. Ernie then tells Jason he is there for him if he ever wants to talk.

Meanwhile, Kimberly tells the others that Jason’s mom’s passing came suddenly. Zack mentions how much Jason and his family have been through together.

Over on Safehaven in Eternity Point Andros and XI are unable to get any answers about the Astro Megaship from the Xurix warrior. When XI goes off to see if he can find other avenues to use Andros takes the chance to do his own interrogation of the Xurix warrior.

Back on Earth, Jason offers to stay with his dad. Jason’s dad says that is not necessary as he reveals that he is selling the house and moving in with his sister.

Later, Zack shows Aisha, Kimberly, Adam, and Rocky a video of Journey, the alien baby he and Trini are taking care of.

At the same time, Tommy and Trini try to convince Jason to take time for himself but Jason is not interested.

Ernie tells Jason he is there for him to talk to after Jason’s mother’s funeral whenever he needs it in Power Rangers #20. Credit: BOOM! Studios

Back at Eternity Point, the Xurix warrior finally gives over details to XI about where the Astro Megaship may be located. XI places the Xurix warrior in a containment unit and places him into the storage vault.

Later, Andros sneaks into the vault where he planned with the Xurix warrior to set him free. While in the vault a dark voice starts talking to Andros about getting revenge. The Xurix tries to attack which leads Andros to vaporize him.

Over at the Command Center Jason talks with Zordon about KO-35 and doing more to help their allies against Dark Specter. Zordon says he and Alpha-5 will do their best to do so.

Zordon then asks Jason how he is doing after his mother’s passing. This sets Jason off as he is tired of people asking him how he is doing. Zordon says it is okay to grieve however Jason wants. After mentioning that he did not answer his mom’s call from the previous week Jason admits that he is jealous of Andros as he is able to direct his anger towards something like Dark Spector.

Back on Safehaven, the dark voice leads Andros to a containment unit that is heavily chained up. The voice temps Andros with the opportunity to get the revenge he seeks. Andros gives into the voice and opens the containment unit. Andros then pulls out a gold Omega Morpher. End of issue.


Issues like Power Rangers #20 show the benefits of a long creative run on a comic series. Even as Ryan Parrott has Jason and the other Rangers deal with the series even of Jason’s mother’s passing the bigger picture is not lost. There is a balance between how his mother’s death impacts Jason while keeping the overarching narrative around Dark Specter moving forward with the focus on Andros’ journey.

The opening pages of Power Rangers #20 did a great job showing how unexpected Jason’s mom’s death was to everyone. Jason and all the Power Rangers have been pushing forward fighting various threats to Earth and the universe they have not had time to rest. That has included not interacting with their family and friends outside the Power Rangers’ inner circle.

The funeral and everyone gathering at Jason’s folks’ home did well in showing not just this but how Jason’s mom dying impacted everyone. Kimberly, Zack, Trini, Tommy, and the others talking about Jason’s mom’s death and unsuccessfully getting Jason to take time for himself was hard to see. It is not an easy time for anyone as they know that they can’t force Jason to take time for himself. At the same time, they want to be there for him whenever he wants to talk

All this makes Jason’s arc in Power Rangers #20 even more interesting as we do see that he does offer to be there for his dad by sticking around. But in the one time, he does make some effort on saying he’ll stick around his dad tells him he is not needed. Adding in that Jason’s dad is now selling their family home and is going to live with his sister was an added blow to their father-son dynamic. You could see how this hurt Jason as his dad completely shut him off. It makes how Jason reacts when Trini, Tommy, and Zordon each tell him to take a break from his Omega Ranger duties even more understandable.

The scene in the Command Center in particular stood out when Jason admits to Zordon that he was jealous of Andros. It was certainly a selfish thing to say, which Jason is fully aware of when he is saying this to Zordon. But at that moment you can understand how anyone, Jason included, would think how he can’t have a physical representation to blame for his mother’s death. He can’t take his own hurt out on anyone. Being reflective of how selfish this makes him sound was a good character moment. It also does set up more of how the dynamic between Jason and Andros could continue to lead this current arc in Power Rangers.

Andros gives into the temptation the offer given by the voice of the Death Ranger in Power Rangers #20. Credit: BOOM! Studios

Speaking of Andros, Parrott continues to do a great job at giving us a different look at who Andros was before the Power Rangers In Space series. As with so many other instances of introducing future Power Rangers characters into the Mighty Morphin era, we are continuing to be presented with an Andros who is completely fueled by his quest for revenge. Having Andros wear a black version of his Power Rangers In Space suit adds to how much more of an edge he has because of where he is at mentally.

The fact that Andros would resort to beating someone to get answers was surprising with how dark of a character moment it is. But you also understand that this is where Andros is at this point in his life as he is alone searching for Zhane and the Astro Megaship. This all makes the voice of the Death Ranger speaking to Andros and making Andros give into his own darkness a strong way to end Power Rangers #20.

This also set up the Death Ranger to be an antagonist that fans will love to hate. Even without making a physical appearance yet we know that the Death Ranger will do whatever they can to grab victory. Whether that is through violence or talking to others to allow their darkest desires to take them over it is all up for grabs when it comes to the Death Ranger. It certainly makes how the Death Ranger and the history of the Omega Rangers being further delved into something I’m very interested to see play out.

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Power Rangers #20 is an emotionally heavy issue that Ryan Parrott and Marco Renna tell very well. The way Jason deals with the death of his mother and Andros’s character arc all work together to push the narrative of the franchise forward.

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10