New Comic Books For August 25, 2009






DYNAMO 5 #24


NOVA #28

We have a total of 22 titles headed to the Bunker today. This is yet another monster week that is dominated by DC titles. There are several issues that are locks to be great reads.

Which DC comic book am I most looking forward to reading?


I have mixed feelings concerning Batman: Widening Gyre #1. Kevin Smith is capable of turning out a great read. Of course, Kevin Smith is also capable of turning out a decidedly average read that ends up getting delivered on a bi-yearly basis. I would imagine that DC was smart enough to force Smith to turn in his scripts for this entire series before soliciting for even the first issue of Batman: Widening Gyre.

Regardless of how the story is going to turn out, I have to say that I love the Bill Sienkiewicz’s cover to this issue. Sienkiewicz is a fantastic artist and this cover certainly grabbed my attention. Also, wisely used dialogue on a comic book cover can really make the cover pop.


I have enjoyed Blackest Night: Batman #1 and Blackest Night: Superman #1 more than Blackest Night itself. So, I figure that the odds are good that I will enjoy Blackest Night: Titans #1. I must confess total ignorance of J.T. Krul and his work. Hopefully, Krul will deliver a Blackest Night tie-in issue as good as what we got from Tomasi and Robinson.

Blackest Night: Titans has plenty of potential. There is no super team that has as many dead members as the Teen Titans. I am particularly looking forward to seeing Beast Boy having to come face-to-face with Black Lantern Terra.


Gotham City Sirens #3 should be a solid read. I like Paul Dini, but his work on the first two issues of Gotham City Sirens has not been his best effort. Dini’s work on Streets of Gotham has been much superior to what he has given us with Gotham City Sirens.

What has drawn me to Gotham City Sirens is Guillem March’s gorgeous artwork. I absolutely love the way that March draws the three protagonists in this title. March’s incredible art is enough to get me through Dini’s average story. Hopefully, Dini can pick up his effort on this title and make Gotham City Sirens a more balanced read.


I enjoyed Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges’ debut on Justice Society of America. I am confident that this duo will follow up their nice debut with another quality read in Justice Society of America #30. Doctor Fate makes his return to the JSA with this issue. I have always liked Dr. Fate and I am glad to see him back where he belongs.

I am also curious to learn more about the attack on the JSA by the large group of super villains who have banded together. These two writers are incredibly imaginative so I am sure that Sturges and Willingham have a few twists and turns in store for us with this issue.


Last Days of Animal Man #4 should be a solid read. I was not impressed with the first issue of this title. However, the past two issues have shown improvement and gotten me interested in this tale of Buddy’s future. Gerry Conway has created a neat future setting for this story. Conway has also demonstrated a better feel for Buddy’s character as well over the past two issues.


Red Circle: The Shield #1 is another issue that could turn out to be either fantastic or really annoying. It all depends on JMS and if he is able to keep off his soapbox and not bore the reader with another sermon about his views on the world.

The Shield #1 might give us a bad-ass character like Ultimate Captain America and give the reader tons of kick-ass action. On the other hand, JMS might use this issue to drone on and on about how evil America has become since 9/11. We shall see which direction JMS takes with this issue.


I am sure that Wednesday Comics #8 will be an enjoyable read. This title continues to be a delight to read. I love the format and I love the artwork. Sure, some of the stories are not that great. But, all in all, this has been a solid read.


However, the DC comic that I am most looking forward to reading is Batman and Robin #3. Morrison and Quitley is a creative team that rarely disappoints me. I have enjoyed the first two issues of this title and I think that will deliver another good read with Batman and Robin #3.

This issue centers on Batman and Robin locking horns with Professor Pyg. Hopefully, Morrison will show some actual teamwork between Dick and Damien. I also expect to see Morrison let Dick finally strut his stuff rather than sit around and question his ability to fill Bruce’s cowl and cape.

Which DC comic book am I least looking forward to reading?


My anticipation for Green Lantern #45 is muted given how slow the first two issues of Blackest Night have been and how slow and uneventful Green Lantern #44 was. I hope that Johns will actually give us some plot progression with Green Lantern #45. It would be nice to actually see something other than black power rings arriving in graveyards and resurrecting dead people.


Superman #691 is the final issue of the Codename: Patriot story arc. I have not been that impressed with this title since Superman left. Maybe Robinson will surprise me with a strong ending to this story arc.


My general lack of interest in Superman and Action Comics has seriously limited by expectations for Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen Special #2. I enjoyed the first Jimmy Olsen special issue. Hopefully, Robinson can follow up the first issue with an equally entertaining read with this issue. What I enjoy the most about this title is that Jimmy Olsen’s character is finally getting a chance to step out of the shadow of Lois and Clark and prove his own value and usefulness as an investigative reporter.


In the end, the DC comic book that I am least looking forward to is Flash: Rebirth #4. And that is both a shame and a surprise. I usually enjoy Geoff Johns’ work. And I am a huge Barry Allen fan. I so wanted to absolutely love this title. But, as much as I want to love it, I just find myself so bored and disappointed with what Johns has given us over the first three issues.

Flash: Rebirth has been painfully slow as Johns has taken way too long getting this story moving. This story has lacked focus and a clear point and purpose. Having said that, there is still time for Johns to make a strong comeback and make this story a respectable read. I hope that Flash: Rebirth #4 moves at a brisk pace and delivers a tightly crafted story.

Which Marvel comic book am I most looking forward to reading?


I am excited to read Fantastic Four #570. I am extremely curious to see how the new creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham do on this title. I thoroughly enjoyed Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch’s run on Fantastic Four. And, quite honestly, I was going to drop Fantastic Four once Millar and Hitch left this title. I have never been much of a Fantastic Four fan and I only picked up this title because I enjoy Millar and Hitch’s work.

However, Marvel managed to make me keep Fantastic Four on my pull list by turning this title over to two gentlemen that I have great respect for in Hickman and Eaglesham. I love Hickman’s writing. Hickman has done a superlative job on Secret Warriors. I firmly believe that Hickman is Marvel’s future. Hickman will end up being Marvel’s next top writer.

I also have always liked Eaglesham’s artwork. I loved Eaglesham’s art over on the Justice Society of America. I am curious to see how Eaglesham’s style works on a Marvel title. Personally, I have always viewed Eaglesham’s artwork as being more DC styled art than Marvel styled art. At any rate, hopefully, Hickman and Eaglesham will be able to generate some nice chemistry and crank out a good run on Fantastic Four.


I am looking forward to reading Guardians of the Galaxy #17. Now, I will admit that this title took a dip in quality during War of Kings. However, DnA have done such a good job on this title prior to War of Kings that I am more than confident that Guardians of the Galaxy will return to form.


I am sure that Incredible Hercules #133 is going to be another blast to read. I absolutely love Incredible Hercules in a way I do no other title by Marvel or DC. This title is just a pure joy to read. I get more “fun” out of this title than anything else on the market.

Incredible Hercules #133 centers on Amadeus Cho and his past. Pak and Van Lente are going to investigate the connection between The Twelve’s Mastermind Excello and Cho as well as Cho’s true connection to Hercules. Cho is a great character and it should be interesting learning more about him.


Nova #28 is sure to be an exciting and action packed read. We get to find out if Richard’s brother is dead or not. Plus, we get to see Richard knock heads with Strontian. Nova is a dependable title that usually offers a well paced story that delivers plenty of adrenaline pumping action and unexpected twists and turns.


However the Marvel comic book that I am most looking forward to reading is Secret Warriors #7. Hickman has been absolute money on this title. Bendis is officially off Secret Warriors as Hickman assumes the full plotting and scripting duties for this title. I know that the quality of this title will remain the same since Hickman was already doing the heavy lifting on this title over the first six issues as he handled the scripts by himself as well as co-plotting the story.

Secret Warriors has easily become one of my favorite titles on the market. Secret Warriors has it all: drama, action, adventure and espionage. There is something for every type of reader. And on top of it all, we get plenty of beautiful artwork from Stefano Caselli.

Which Marvel comic book am I least looking forward to reading?


I have no hopes that Dark Avengers #8 is going to be a good read. This title has quickly come off the rails in an alarming fashion. I really enjoyed the first three issues of Dark Avengers. However, Dark Avengers has declined in quality at a rapid pace ever since Dark Avengers #4. To make matters worse, this Utopia storyline fails to even remotely interest me. This is a pretty dumb story that lacks creativity.


I liked the Skrull Kill Krew when Grant Morrison and Mark Millar delivered the original version of this team. Unfortunately, this latest Skrull Kill Krew title is not as good. Maybe Skrull Kill Krew #4 will capture my imagination more than the previous issues did.


In the end, the Marvel comic book that I am least looking forward to reading is New Avengers #56. I am sure that this issue will be another incredibly pedestrian read. I have zero interest in the Hood and his band of incredibly lame D-list villains. This title has completely lacked any point or purpose in years. Bendis is wandering around with no direction at all which makes this title seem like such a waste of paper most of the time.

It would be nice for Bendis to finally get focused and give this title a purpose and make it a coherent and interest read. Instead, we will probably simply get tons of random and pointless “Bendis speak” along with some mindless fighting.