Saturday Morning Cartoon Reviews for 6/20/09

Just as a quick reminder for Spectacular Spider-Man fans: the series second season starts on Monday on Disney XD with two new episodes. I believe the episodes time will be 4PT/7ET pm but just check your schedule for your just in case. [Edit: Forgot the pictures my bad]

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Ep. 22 – “The Last Bat on Earth”

Batman: The Brave and the Bold continues to do an excellent job with the opening segments. The opening segment with Batman and Mister Miracle taking part in a charity event were they both had to escape a death trap was great. Even though their lives were on the line, both characters took their death trap as just another walk in the park. I liked the little touch of having the two men talk about what was going on their personal lives while they are trying to escape.

As for the main episode, the story was much better this time around than the previous two episodes. I don’t know why, but I just dig post-apocalyptic stories, especially when done right. And for the most part, that is what this episode was. Batman had to travel to Kamadi’s future to capture Gorilla Grodd who had also traveled into the future. While I am not too familiar with Kamadi’s alternate future, I thought the concept of the various animals (Tigers, Lions, Gorrillas, and Bats) at war with one another and using humans as slaves to be an interesting concept.

What I especially liked about this episode was the reference to Planet of the Apes and King Kong during the episode.

Still, I thought there could have been more done in terms of action in this episode since it was centered on a war going on in a post-apocalyptic world. This was a good episode, but it was not one of the better ones..

Episode Rating – 7.1/10

Wolverine and the X-Men

Ep. 13 – “Battle Lines”

Finally, after whining and complaining how this show has only focused on a few characters rather than a team, my complaints were addressed. We finally got an episode were we see the X-Men work together a team. Even though I have enjoyed most of the character centric episodes they always felt odd to watch as the team would only play minimal roles in the story. X-Men have always been about the team and not the individuals that make up the team (cough*Wolverine*cough). So, it was great that we got to see the X-Men as a team again.

Also, what I liked about this episode was that this was a very fast paced episode that was the payoff to the mutant/human war. While each episode has slowly hit on some off the points of this overarching story of this series, they usually only focused on one part. But, in this episode we had a lot happen with Magneto declaring war on the humans, Senator Kelly finally getting approval for the Sentinel program, Quicksilver trying to get back into his father’s good graces, Rogue going back to the X-Men and even some romantic development between Bobby and Kitty.

I liked how Magneto planned out his first strike on the war by using the Brotherhood to distract the X-Men while Mystique and Juggernaut released Tildie Soames, who was introduced in the early run of Whendon and Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men run. It was a smart plan that gave us plenty of good action to watch between the X-Men and the Brotherhood and later the X-Men’s fight with Tildie’s huge construct.

I do find it interesting how Quicksilver has been rejected by his father while his sisters, Wanda and Polaris, have not. I have to wonder what Quicksilver actually did to fall out of his father’s good graces. It certainly seems that Quicksilver did something serious to get kicked out of Genosha.

Also, while it has not been said yet, I wonder if Rogue will now be part of the X-Men again? Or will Rogue stay with the Brotherhood? That answer was never clearly stated.

I will still complain that we did not get to see enough of one of my favorite X-characters: Mystique. But, I guess that plays up to her shape shifting abilities. Maybe she has been in every scene. Who knows?

Again, this was a great episode that moves the overarching plot line of the mutant/human war into the next stage as war has been officially declared by both sides.

Episode Rating – 9.2/10