Speed Racer Movie: Sneak Peek of the Mach 5

Yeah, I know this is a bit of a departure for The Revolution, but we love manga and anime just as much as American comic books. We here at The Revolution were raised on classic Japanese anime shows like Voltron, Battle of the Planets and, of course, Speed Racer. So, needless to say, I was psyched a while back when I learned that the Wachowski brothers were tackling one of my favorite cartoons: Speed Racer.

I may have thought that Matrix II was average at best and that Matrix III absolutely sucked big time, but there is no question that the Matrix rocked and the Wachowski brothers make a great looking movie and deliver quality action. So, I dig that the Wachowski brothers are the ones charged with bringing a live action version of Speed Racer to the silver screen.

Now, the minute I heard about a live action Speed Racer I immediately began dreaming about how the Mach 5 is going to look. The Mach 5 is easily one of my all-time favorite fictitious cars right up there with the classic Batmobile from the 1960’s Batman TV show.

Warner Bros. finally released a sweet picture of the Mach 5 and you can see it over on Superherohype.com as well as more information about the Speed Racer movie. The Revolution loves the hotrod that we have parked outside the Bunker, but I’d trade it in a minute for this Mach 5. This Mach 5 looks gorgeous and totally bad-assed. And I love that it is sporting Yokohama tires.