Well, Groovy Superfriends, I’ve had a lot of fun sharing myself with you these past couple of years. And I hope to do so again one day. Sadly, I have had my content stolen by dozens of WordPress blogs using a popular WP build-a-splog plugin, to the point that I may as well be a syndicated columnist. Except for the fact that this same plugin redirects all of my links to affiliate sites – affiliates who, for the most part, are aware of and grateful for this phenomenon, because their 3rd rate belt-buckle and beer stein e-tailers would have died out long ago if not for the illegal internet.

Thanks also go to GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain registrar – and every other domain registrar, and web host, on the planet, all of whom happily ignore international copyright law. And DMCA apparently stands for “Don’t Mean Crap At’all”.

I hope to be back one day when working for myself doesn’t mean working for gangsters and criminals and thugs and the excrement of the earth – and if you have any suggestions feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] – but let me leave you with one word of advice, lest your own bloggerty be stolen one day: don’t go to the “experts”!

They all share the same manifesto: Blogger blogs steal, WordPress blogs are all wonderful sources of delicious love.

Personally, I’m not a partisan. I find things to love about every single blog platform. But I will say this: Blogger is owned by Google. Google don’t take no shit to their reputation. If anything, they are way too trigger-happy, like HUAC hearing a gust of wind that sounded vaguely like the word “communist”. If they suspect you borrowed a semicolon for one of your pieces, they will shut your ass down, and take the time to investigate 7 months later – 99% of the time, restoring your blog with an apology.

WordPress, on the other hand – well, they have that handy little content theft plugin that is used by thousands upon thousands of WP blogs around the world – they’re self-hosted, open-source, unpoliced no mans land. So, when you ask an “expert” for advice about your Blogger blog getting poached by WordPress splogs – don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer, or even for your question to be printed.

The problem with 99% of experts is that they are sad, impotent little nobodies desperate to be taken seriously – the reason they’re out there espousing there brilliance to anyone who will listen is because they are desperate to have their tombstones say something more than just

A. Nobody
1979 – 2012
Got a Mercy Lay From that Chubby Starbucks Barista One Time Back in ’08

if you point out anything that suggests that they may be in error, it freaks them out, because usually they have no clue at all what they are talking about, which is why they just parrot one another. (See: Limbaugh, Rush).

I hope we meet again pardners, and I suspect we will – could be tomorrow, could be next week, could be when we all have jetpacks or when we’re all in hell from the Bird Flu.


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