The Week Begins – July 13th 2009

After a week of zero comics we’ve got some good stuff coming in this week even if it’s still a thin list.

Blackest Night #1 *Most Anticipated*

Written: Geoff Johns
Art: Ivan Reis

Taking a bit of a risk here with just buying Blackest Night and none of the tie-ins. Maybe later on I’ll start buying Green Lantern as I’m certain that at least that book is imperative alongside Blackest Night as Green Lantern Corps is no doubt as well. Though it’s all a thing of price range sadly.

But come on, how could this not be the Most Anticipated of the week? It’s the event that’s been so many years in the making. Unlike Secret Invasion which was basically an 8 issue exercise in pointlessness Blackest Night looks like it will be the most worth your money event ever.

Though at the same time I come into this event with some light worry. My biggest is over if Johns can really pull off an 8 issue event without it getting really thin in the middle issues. It’s a very easy problem that just about every writer is capable of falling in to so I’m worried there.

Also there’s the simple fact that I’ve never even read Green Lantern before. My father had a few comics, as well as the Green Arrow/Green Lantern comics which where awesome but this is my first time ever buying a Green Lantern comic myself. Up to know I’ve just kept up to date with online spoilers. Though hopefully all the hype will be worth it.

Overall though I can’t contain my excitement to check this comic out. Even with my worries my excitement is still high and I am coming into this book with high hopes.

Batman: Streets of Gotham #2

Written: Paul Dini
Art: Dustin Nguyen

If Blackest Night where not coming out this week this easily would have stolen my pick for Most Anticipated. While the debut issue of this series had some pacing problems and felt a little disjointed I can’t deny that I did love it as a Paul Dini fan. The man simply ‘gets’ Gotham City very well.

I do have high hopes that with this issue Dini can move beyond the disjointed sub-plots and focus heavily on the main story of Batman and Robin taking on Firefly as it really is an interesting plot for me. Dini fleshed out Firefly nicely last time and I hop he can use the villain well in this issue.

I honestly think this series has the potential to be the best of all the Batman Reborn books. Sure Batman and Robin is cool action and fun but Streets of Gotham is at the heart of what the Batman comics have been all a bout. The dark and gritty world of Gotham city. For that I love it and can’t wait to read more.

Mighty Avengers #27

Written: Dan Slott
Art: Koi Pham

I don’t know if I’m happy or sad that Pham is back on the book. Segovia’s art was absolutely great for me and he fit the book so well that I really hope he returns sometime soon. Pham can be a really great artist when he puts in that extra bit of hard work but often his art can look really sloppy and just plain bad. His work during Secret Invasion being the best example.

This story does sound great and interesting, apparently the Unspoken is the ruler of the Inhumans prior to Blackbolt which is a nice twist. Looking at that cover it’s obvious he’s coming back and will be the new villain for our Avengers which should be interesting.

The last story arc finally got me hooked on this comic and I’m really excited to see where Slott goes from there and it seems he’s finally doing some great character work all around which is great. Another comic I have high hopes for.

Superman/Batman #62

Written: Michael Green and Mike Johnson
Art: Rafael Albuquerque

I know I’ve been rough on the Superman/Batman series in the past. I’ve never been fond of it and I find it to be one of the most pointless books that DC puts out each month. The idea is all right, and maybe even to an extent the execution is worth it but why this needs to be an ongoing series is beyond me. I would much rather this just have been a mini-series or something like that.

But despite all my complaints and frustration towards this series, this one issue looks amazingly great. The concept alone is great, have Supergirl and Robin on their own little adventure in Arkham but then you add the great art and just cool looking character work and this comic looks like a must have. If I could I’d love to pick up this issue as it looks great.

Timestorm 2009/2099 #3

Written: Brian Reed
Art: Eric Battle

All right, first things first, what the hell happened to that awesome original cover they had? They ditched it for a simple mediocre cover by Tom Raney? Color me confused. It’s like getting a big expensive sports car, then the next day there’s a broken down old van in your garage. Makes no sense at all.
After a disappointing first issue I ditched the series as I wasn’t looking to waste 4 dollars a month on it. If it is any good I’ll pick up the collection, if not, well then at least I didn’t waste 4 dollars a month on it.

I must admit I’m rather sad to see 2099 turned into such mediocre drivel. Sure it was never amazing material but for what it was I loved it. Reed doesn’t seem to really care at all about this comic and has no passion for the story and it’s characters which makes for a weak read for the reader.

Still I have hopes that this isn’t the book that kills one of the best comics from my childhood and that in the future a writer who actually cares about 2099 will handle it.