Time For Dragon Ball Super To End

Vegeta vs Frieza Must End Dragon Ball Super

With Dragon Ball Super Chapter 99, titled “Son Gohan’s Ultimate Awakening!,” the manga officially caught up with where we last left things with the anime. While we still have one more chapter in the Super Hero Saga we know it will wrap soon. That final part of the Super Hero Saga will also be the major milestone 100th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga. With the series hitting such a big milestone, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 100 should begin the final story arc of the manga with the Dragon Ball DAIMA.


With the latter part of Dragon Ball Z era we saw Akira Toriyama introduce a bunch of new transformations and fusions. That escalated even further with Dragon Ball Super giving us new Super Saiyan forms and fusions.

In the Granolah the Survivor Saga, which takes place after the Tournament of power, alone we got True Ultra Instinct Goku, Ultra Ego Vegeta, Black Frieza, and Awakened State Gas. Which is not even counting Granolah’s evolved state. Now with the adaptation of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie we have Orange Piccolo and Beast Gohan who have joined the transformation party.

While we certainly got a lot of transformations during the Dragon Ball Z era it is nothing compared to what we’ve seen in Dragon Ball Super manga. Right now, the only “transformation” that is left to achieve in the series is the Relaxed State that Whis has been pushing Goku and Vegeta to achieve.


Black Frieza Transformation
Black Frieza form debuts in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87. Credit: Viz Media

While the Relaxed State is the end goal for Goku and Vegeta at this point in their fighting careers there is one major plot left for Dragon Ball Super to resolve. And that is the fact Frieza is back to life and terrorizing the universe once again. If that wasn’t bad enough, the last time we saw him the villain achieved his own ultimate form called Black Frieze. With his new form Black Frieza easily defeated True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta.

Given how handily Black Frieza defeated Goku and Vegeta it is inarguable that their True Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego forms, respectively, are not enough to fight their nemesis. It is a story problem that Toriyama and Toyotarou have already devalued the power level of True Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego. Goku and Vegeta barely had time to shine with the forms they worked hard to achieve, questioning why they needed to be introduced in the first place.

That said, there is no doubt that Frieza is firmly established with the final boss-level aura for Dragon Ball Super. There is no need for new antagonists, like Moro, Granolah, or Cell Max, needed to be introduced anymore. Frieza, in going from villain to ally to villain throughout the series, already has had all the development need to be the final villain of Dragon Ball Super, with his latest Black Frieza form giving an end goal for all our leads training.


Ultra Ego Vegeta Transformation
Ultra Ego Vegeta makes his debut in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74. Credit: Viz Media

Just as much as Frieza has been developed as the final villain for Dragon Ball Super the same can said for Vegeta on the heroes side of things. With Dragon Ball Super Vegeta has been side-by-side with Goku in attaining ever power up and fighting every antagonist. But just like the original series Vegeta has been the person the main antagonist fights before Goku saves the day. Even Gohan, with the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero story, got time to shine as he used his new Beast Gohan form to defeat Cell Max.

Adding to now being the time to have Vegeta be the one to defeat Frieza in his new form is he has the most history with the villain. Before joining the Z Fighters Vegeta both suffered and worked as one of Frieza’s soldiers. It would be a full circle story to have Vegeta be the one to stop Frieza’s new reign of terror across the galaxy. Vegeta needs to be the one to set all the planets free from Frieza to fully let go of what he did before becoming a Z Fighter and starting his family.

The set-up was even done in the Super Hero story. As mentioned, Whis has given Goku and Vegeta the challenge to reach the Relaxed State. Vegeta is afterall the first to realize both he and Goku have reached their max power level in a general sense. Now it is about them achieving the top level all their training can get them to, which is the God-level Relaxed State. Vegeta finally beating Goku in a fight at the end of Super Hero should mark the start of him being the hero who defeats Frieza once and for all.

Toriyama and Toyotarou have a chance to just go all out with world ending fights that puts over all their characters. That’s something that hasn’t always been done consistently but Dragon Ball Super should end with this type of bang ahead of the new Dragon Ball DAIMA anime debuting in 2024.