WonderCon 2018: DC Universe Panel

WonderCon 2018: DC Universe Panel

Following their big Publisher panel in the morning DC Comics continued to build excitement for their publishing line a DCU panel featuring Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Mitch Gerards and Joshua Williamson. The DC Universe went into further details on what each creator is currently working on and what they will be doing in the future. See what the the DC Universe revealed for your favorite characters ahead.

Joshua Williamson opens the panel by speaking about No Justice, jokingly trying to talk faster than Scott Snyder normally does at panels. No Justice will involves Brainiac making the best teams by merging the Justice League, Teen Titans and Suicide Squad. During the events of No Justice Beast Boy will, possibly jokingly, question why he is in the squad with the bad guys, Deathstroke and Lobo.

Williamson emphasized how No Justice will explore how the different members of each Justice League team Brainiac assembled interact with one another is a big part of the story. It will also have fun with the different combinations of characters. A scene between Martian Manhunter and Lex Luthor is said to be one to watch out for how it stands out from the rest of the story.

WonderCon 2018: DC Universe Panel

Williamson then starts talking about Justice League: Odyssey. No Justice will be what makes the Justice League realize that they need a bigger team, including a team monitoring space. The team will be made up of the previously announced Cyborg, Azrael, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Starfire and Darkseid. The original name for the team was Justice League: WTF for the reaction it would get from fans because of the members, specifically Darkseid.

Cyborg and Darkseid’s relationship will be spotlighted with what they need from each other. Almost spoiling something, issue two opens with “Darkseid is…” and Julie tries to get Joshua to spoil things but he does not take the bait.

Julie and Shawna Benson then talk about their Green Arrow Annual #2 that explores Oliver’s side of the story with what is going on at on the ground while everyone deals with the things in space with No Justice. Black Canary’s status is a big driving force for what Green Arrow does in the Annual. Green Arrow will fight Brink during the events of the Annual.

The Bensons then announce that they are taking over Green Arrow with Javier Fernandez as their artist on the series.. They talk about how thrilled they are to write a comic with a male lead, partly because it is still rare for female creators to write a male lead. Their run will continue to feature Black Canary in the comic. It will deal with what Oliver will do now that he is in a position that he has money again. Kate Spencer will  also be kept in a supporting character role moving forward. No Justice will have a big effect in what is going on in Green Arrow.

WonderCon 2018: DC Universe Panel

Mitch Gerard talks about how special it is to be working on Mister Miracle and that it has translated to the material they are producing. He mentions that there are a couple hidden things in the monitor during the hospital scene, including the Wonder Woman symbol. In the past Gerard and Tom King talk about how the Fourth World comics have not sold well in the past. Because of that they see Mister Miracle as their way giving readers a way into exploring the concepts of the Fourth World.

During their talks they found one of the reasons why Fourth World may have failed in past revivals is that no one can ever be Jack Kirby or outdo his classic work. The book will deal with how a person can go to war and raise a kid at the same time and the toll that comes with that.

Julie and Shawna talk about Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. While they are sad it is ending they are happy with how they wrapped up their run that will involve elements from everything they’ve introduced so far. The rest of their run will be about who each of the Birds of Prey could become as they are each on a path to grow into what they don’t think they would ever become.

When talking about Reverse Flash, Joshua credits Geoff Johns and Mark Waid work on the Flash for where the character is going during his run.

They then shift to talking about Flash War. Joshua tells a story of how Geoff Johns told him, after hearing the pitch, that he must do Flash War. He talks about bonding with each of the Flashs (Barry, Bart and Wally) throughout his life at different stages of his life. Right now he feels most connected to Barry Allen.

WonderCon 2018: DC Universe Panel

In issue #47 he reflects on how Wally feels that beating the bad guys should stop the fighting but Iris will say that is not how things go. Eobard Thawne has manipulated things because he believes to be the greatest hero is to be built on tragedy. So for him putting Barry and Wally at odds is the biggest tragedy for the Flashs. Flash War will be important for the entire DC Universe once it is over.