Marvel Comics Reviews

March 27, 2017 0

Iron Fist #1 Review

Iron Fist is one of those characters that has always had a niche following in the niche world of comic books.  While he has had had a number of great creative team runs, Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction come to mind, he has never been able to be a big seller for Marvel like Spider-Man and Wolverine. [...]

DC Comics Reviews

March 28, 2017 0

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #17 Review

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps has been on quite a roll lately with ‘Quest For Hope’ establishing the current status quo for the franchise. The last issue, which was dominated by Guy Gardner’s fight with Arkillo, was able to take the spotlight off Hal and give some attention to other [...]

Other Publishers Reviews

February 20, 2017 0

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #12 Review

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has been a big surprise. Kyle Higgins has been able to take everything that fans know about the Power Rangers history and used it to tell stories that Saban would never allow the TV show to tell. That fact has allowed the entire Power Rangers team to gain added nuance [...]

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January 17, 2009 20

Final Crisis #6 Review

The Revolution loved Final Crisis #5. Morrison did a phenomenal job transforming Darskeid into a villain who truly feels like a god. The ending of Final Crisis #5 was quite powerful as Darkseid appears to be the most powerful villain that we have ever seen in the DCU. I am excited to see what [...]