Marvel Comics Reviews

April 20, 2017 0

Secret Empire #0 Review

I’ve decided to bite the bullet when it comes to Secret Empire and review it for the Revolution. Additionally, I will be provided the perspective of a reader who is coming into Secret Empire not having read all the build to this event that started with Avengers: Standoff. A lot of this is due to [...]

DC Comics Reviews

April 29, 2017 0

Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #19 Review

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps has been on quite a role as Robert Venditti has further established the partnership between the GLC and Sinestro Corps. The last issue in particular delivered an ending that could have larger ramifications for the DCU as Rip Hunter showed up with a Green [...]

Other Publishers Reviews

April 26, 2017 0

BlackHandIronHead #1 Review

David Lopez is an artist that I have become a big fan of from his work at Marvel on Captain Marvel and All-New Wolverine. Recently Lopez reach out to me on Twitter to offer a copy of his new comic book, BlackHandIronHead, for review. As I am now looking for more comics to jump into outside of [...]

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January 17, 2009 20

Final Crisis #6 Review

The Revolution loved Final Crisis #5. Morrison did a phenomenal job transforming Darskeid into a villain who truly feels like a god. The ending of Final Crisis #5 was quite powerful as Darkseid appears to be the most powerful villain that we have ever seen in the DCU. I am excited to see what [...]