Comic Book Revolution Podcast SDCC 2022 Entertainment

Comic Book Revolution Podcast Episode 94 – SDCC 2022 Entertainment and Toy News!

Welcome back to the Comic Book Revolution Podcast! Rokk and Kevin are back for Part 2 of their coverage of the San Diego Comic Con! In this episode, the boys discuss the news about all the new movies and TV shows. The guys also dive into the incredible toys that were at SDCC, too!

You can find the time stamp for all our discussions in this episode below:

00:00:00 – Intro

01:39:32 – What If

07:18:50 – Marvel Zombies

11:01:48 – Spider-Man Freshman Year

14:44:77 – X-Men 97

18:03:60 – Dungeons and Dragons Trailer

21:20:68 – John Wick Trailer

23:39:15 – He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

30:16:74 – Toy Talk

51:33:15 – BRZRKE Anime

53:57:04 – Avatar The Last Airbender

57:37:67 – Shazam Fury of the Gods Trailer

1:00:47 – Black Adam Trailer 

1:05:05 – DC Animated Movies

1:08:49 – She-Hulk Trailer 

1:13:20 – Black Panther Wakanda Forever Trailer 

1:17:24 – Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

1:20:05 – Secret Invasion

1:21:55 – Guardians of the Galaxy 3

1:23:01 – Phase 5 and Phase 6 shows and movies

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