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He-Skeletor MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Exclusive: Buy or Pass?

I love when I see an e-mail from Mattel arriving in my inbox teasing the release of a new Masters of the Universe Origins figure. We got one of those yesterday for the latest MOTU Origins figure. This newest MOTU Origins exclusive figure is He-Skeletor! It is slated to launch on April 11, 2023, at 9 am PT.

Before we talk about the merits of this new exclusive action figure and whether we are going to buy it or not, let’s look into the backstory of He-Skeletor. The 2020 Master of the Multiverse comic published by DC Comics and written by Tim Seeley introduced the concept of the MOTU Multiverse where there are multiple Eternias.

One of those versions of Eternia is called Anti-Eternia. In this version, He-Man is evil and Prince Keldor never became Skeleton. Different He-Men from across the Multiverse arrive to recruit Keldor. The mission was for Keldor to claim the Power of Grayskull, become He-Skeletor, and save every version of Eternia in the MOTU Multiverse.

This new Mattel Creations exclusive figure brings He-Skeletor from that 2020 comic book to life. All right, let’s check out what this new figure delivers and if it is worth buying or not.


Look, I am not going to pull any punches. He-Skeletor is nothing more than a repaint. He-Skeletor’s sculpt is exactly the same as the MOTU Origins He-Man sculpt. In fact, He-Skeletor is not even the first repaint of the MOTU Origins He-Man figure. We have already gotten Anti-Eternia He-Man and Faker which are both repaints of the original MOTU Origins He-Man figure.

I know many people dislike repaints and view them as cheap cash grabs. And I do not blame anyone for that feeling. However, I loved the black and red look of Anti-Eternia He-Man and was happy to add him to my collection. I also love the look of Faker. The computer on his chest that is revealed when you remove his harness? Just the coolest!

He-Skeletor is obviously the most similar to Faker since both figures are blue-skinned. I am sure this will also probably turn off some collectors from getting He-Skeletor. I can’t blame anyone who may feel that way. It is a valid criticism. 

MOTU Origins He-Skeletor 2
Credit: Mattel

At any rate, going back to the sculpt. There is absolutely nothing new with He-Skeletor’s sculpt. If that is a deal breaker for you then I do not blame you at all.


The most dominant color of He-Skeletor’s paint scheme is blue. He-Skeletor’s body is painted in a vibrant light shade of blue. I like that Mattel chose to give He-Skeletor a much more vibrant shade of blue than the MOTU Origins Skeletor figure. This color blue makes He-Skeletor an eye-catching figure. It is hard to tell if this blue is even brighter than Faker’as blue paint.

The secondary color of He-Skeletor’s paint scheme is purple. Again, I appreciate that Mattel again changed things up and gave He-Skeletor a brighter and lighter shade of purple than the darker purple of the MOTU Origins Skeletor figure. This lighter shade of purple is appealing and will help make He-Skeletor a flashy figure that is sure to stand out on your shelf. 

The furry briefs are black and the belt is light purple. The furry boots are light purple with brown straps. I am glad that Mattel decided to keep the furry briefs black rather than painting them light purple. The black helps to break up the blue and purple paint scheme of the figure and adds a nice accent color.

He-Skeletor’s hair is brilliant dark gold. I love this look. This is a wonderful color for the hair and gives He-Skeletor’s head a dramatic look. 

Mattel also added some splashes of yellow/gold in the wrist bracers, and the squares and cross pattée on the harness. This is a wonderful contrast to the purple of the harness.


He-Skeletor comes with the exact same accessories as the MOTU Origins He-Man and Anti-Eternia He-Man figures came with. You get the Power Sword, battle axe, shield, and removable chest harness.

The difference is the paint scheme of the accessories. He-Skeletor’s power sword is painted a classic Skeleton purple. I think the light purple Power Sword looks cool. It is a nice variation of the Power Sword. The battle axe also comes in purple.

The shield is purple with gold planted inserts on the front of the shield. The removable harness is also purple with the squares and the He-Man symbol painted in gold.

MOTU Origins He-Skeletor 5
Credit: Mattel

He-Skeletor does come with one unique accessory: his own unique mini-comic. The appeal of this accessory will vary with each collector. Some collectors are like me and are obsessed with the mini-comics. Other collectors don’t care at all about the mini-comics. For me, a unique mini-comic certainly enhances the appeal of He-Skeletor.


He-Skeletor comes with premium MOTU Origins packaging. Now, this is one step above the regular MOTU Origins packaging and one step below the collector MOTU Origins packaging. For example, Camo Khan came with a package that allowed the backing card to slide in and out of the plastic bubble. That is not the case with He-Skeletor.

MOTU Origins He-Skeletor 3
Credit: Mattel

Sadly, He-Skeletor’s packaging will not allow the backing card to slide in and out of the plastic bubble. However, it is premium packaging which means it comes with gorgeous card art on the back of the backing card. And what amazing artwork it is.

Price and Availability

He-Skeletor sells for the standard price of a MOTU Origins figure of $18.00 plus shipping. He-Skeletor goes on sale at Mattel Creations on April 11, 2023, at 9 am PT.


Buy! I know that He-Skeletor is just a repaint. But, he looks so damn cool! Plus, he comes with a unique mini-comic. He also has premium packaging. Lastly, this is the first time that we have gotten He-Skeletor in action figure form. Being the first of anything always makes a figure more special. On top of that, the price is $18.99 which is normal for a regular retail MOTU Origins figure. That is a good enough price for me for a Mattel Creations exclusive figure.

Therefore, I will definitely be purchasing He-Skeletor. Of course, I fully understand why some collectors will be passing on He-Skeletor. I understand why repaints figures are not for everyone.