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Legion 300 (1983) Legion of Super-Heroes Group Shot

There is no franchise that I love and adore more than the Legion of Super-Heroes. Sure, the Legion is not a best-selling franchise. And, yes, the Legion has been poorly handled by DC Comics throughout the decades and often has been neglected. However, there is no fanbase as rabidly loyal and passionate as the Legion of Super-heroes fanbase. I felt that we needed a section here at the Comic Book Revolution that focuses solely on my beloved Legion of Super-Heroes. So, with that in mind, welcome to the Legion of Super-Heroes Database!

This page will be the place where we collect all of our various Legion of Super-Heroes articles. The Legion of Super-Heroes Database will have information on the Legion’s complicated timeline and continuity. We will also have costume design histories for various Legionnaires. We also have deep dives into carious Legion extras such as headquarters schematics, Legion flight ring information, and other interesting aspects of the Legion of Super-Heroes. We will also collect our commentary, retro reviews, and reviews here in the Legion Database.

If there is anything about the Legion of Super-Heroes that you guys want us to explore and examine then please let us know!


Legion of Super-Heroes Chronology

Costume Design Histories

Cosmic Boy

Lightning Lad

Saturn Girl

Grading Ryan Sook’s New Bendis Legionnaire Designs

Grading Ryan Sook’s New Bendis Legionnaire Designs Part 2

New Designs Officially Revealed For Two More Bendis Legionnaires

Examining The Designs For The Bendis Legion of Super-Heroes Group Picture

Legion Extras

Welcome To The Detailed World of The Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion of Super-Heroes Continuity as…..a Board Game?

Legion of Super-Heroes Flight Ring Schematics and Abilities

Legion of Super-Heroes Space Cruiser Diagrams Through The Years

Legion of Super-Heroes Headquarters Diagrams Through The Years

Legion of Super-Heroes Recommended Reading List


Adventure Comics (Silver Age Pre-Crisis Legion)

Action Comics (Silver Age Pre-Crisis Legion)

Legion of Super-Heroes v5 (Threeboot Legion)

Legion of Super-Heroes v6 (Pre-Crisis Legion)

Legion of Super-Heroes v8 (Fourboot Bendis Legion)

Legion of Super-Heroes Animated Series


Examine Bendis’ Approach To Writing The Legion of Super-Heroes

The Mystery Surrounding Bendis’ Lightning Lad

Is DC’s Decision To Place Brian Bendis In Charge of The Legion of Super-Heroes a Hit or Miss?

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