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Marvel Comics January 2023 Solicitations Analysis

Marvel is going to begin their new year lighter than they normally do. In their new January 2023 solicitations, we only see 40 new comic books revealed. While we do see some resolicited comic books also joining the January 2023 schedule it still does appear that Marvel will begin the new year lighter. You see that with how light on Spider-Man and Avengers comics the month is. January appears to be heavily reliant on X-Men comics as they have plenty of comics for X-Men fans to get their fill. Let’s take a look at what the notable releases are from Marvel this coming January 2023 based on their new solicitations


Mary Jane And Black Cat #2 by J Scott Campbell Banner
Click for a full view of J. Scott Campbell’s cover for Mary Jane And Black Cat #2. Credit: Marvel Comics

Whether it is because of the non-traditional structure of Dark Web or not it is clear that this crossover is actually just a Spider-Man event that happens to feature the X-Men. We see that with how not only do the X-Men have their own side tie-in series but they aren’t even featured in any other tie-in comic book to Dark Crisis. The fact that the main X-Men series isn’t involved while Amazing Spider-Man is shows that. It does lessen the excitement that it doesn’t appear that we are getting a true Spider-Man and X-Men crossover event.

That said, the most interesting part of the information that we have of Dark Web is the possibility that Mary Jane Watson may have latent mutant powers that will be revealed in the event. Given that MJ has recently been tied to the X-Men as one of Krakoa’s public supporters this wouldn’t be too surprising. Mary Jane & Black Cat #2 doesn’t tell us what these powers are or if they just happen to come from being in Limbo. So these powers could just be a one-time thing but if they aren’t MJ’s status quo within the Marvel Universe could go through a big change after Dark Web.


Scarlet Witch #1 by Russell Dauterman
Click for a full view of Russell Dauterman’s cover for Scarlet Witch #1. Credit: Marvel Comics

You can always rely on that Marvel timing to release a solo series for a character that starred in one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies months, if not a year, later. That is what is happening with Wanda Maximoff as she is finally getting her own solo series nine months after Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. But hey, better late than never.

Joking aside, Marvel has assembled a fantastic creative team with Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli as the ones heading up the new Scarlet Witch series. For how much Marvel tried to damage Wanda’s character for several decades they spent the last few years trying to repair all of the character assassination storytelling they put Wanda through. Orlando and Pichelli are the right creative team to showcase why Wanda can lead her own ongoing series.

What makes a new Scarlet Witch series even more exciting is opening the door to exploring the magic realm of the Marvel Universe even more. There is also a ton of potential to explore the magic realm but it’s largely been saved for Doctor Strange to explore. Wanda can bring another perspective to how magic is used in the Marvel Universe and go against different threats that can still have a superhero tone.


Wasp #1 by Russell Dauterman
Click for a full view of Russell Dauterman’s cover of Wasp #1. Credit: Marvel Comics

Joining her fellow Avenger in getting a new solo comic book is Janet Van Dyne as she is getting her own mini-series just before the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania release in February 2023. It’s about time Marvel moved Janet away from being a supporting character to her Avengers teammates. And it will be even more refreshing given that Marvel has been pushing Nadia Van Dyne as the only Wasp to get a spotlight since the Ant-Man movie. While Nadia is a good character Janet has long deserved the spotlight her other Avengers teammates have long been given.

What makes the Wasp mini-series even more highly anticipated is the creative team. Al Ewing is arguably the best writer working for Marvel right now. He has knocked it out of the park with his work on Immortal Hulk and X-Men: Red. Ewing also had a solid Guardians of the Galaxy run. Seeing Ewing’s name as the writer for Wasp makes this an immediate must-have comic. And based on the art I’ve seen from Kasia Nie the Wasp comic will look good as well.


The Invincible Iron Man #2 by Kael Ngu
Click for a full view of Kael Ngu’s cover for The Invincible Iron Man #2. Credit: Marvel Comics

Leave it to Tony Stark to not knowing how to deal with his family. First, in his new Invincible Iron Man series, we see that Tony will get into a conflict with Riri Williams, aka Ironheart. The funny thing about The Invincible Iron Man #2 solicitation is that whatever revelation Tony makes about Riri is changing their relationship. Tony and Riri’s relationship has basically been non-existent except for the fact that Riri is part of the Iron Man family. This would be a much more intriguing solicitation if Marvel actually invested in Tony and Riri having a mentor-protégé relationship prior to Invincible Iron Man #2. Maybe that is what Gerry Duggan is aiming to finally establish, at least one could hope.

If that wasn’t enough Tony is also going to be fighting his father as Jason Aaron gets closer to ending his Avengers run. With how popular it is for superheroes to now explore expanding their respective Family lines this development could add to how we will see Tony’s Iron Man Family come more into the spotlight beyond him and Rhodey.


Sins Of Sinister #1 by Leinil Francis Yu
Click for a full view of Leinil Francis Yu’s cover of Sins Of Sinister #1. Credit: Marvel Comics

Since House of X and Powers of X one of the building plotlines has been around what Mister Sinister has been up to. He has been brought in to be a key part of Krakoa as a member of the Quiet Council. But even with that position, Mister Sinister has been his same shady self, specifically making a bunch of clones and gathering DNA.

Now with Sins of Sinister, this appears to all finally coming to a head as Mister Sinister’s plans are finally shown. Given that Kieron Gillen is the one starting this event off Sins of Sinister could be where we see the true fallout of A.X.E.: Judgment Day has long term on the Marvel Universe.

Based on the covers alone we see that this event doesn’t just deal with the X-Men. We see versions of the Avengers also part of the covers. So Mister Sinister could’ve used A.X.E.: Judgment Day to expand his plans to include other superheroes. That could all play into how the X-Men are starting to work with other heroes like the Avengers, Nova, and Spider-Man as of late.