Marvel Comics September 2022 Solicitations

Marvel Comics September 2022 Solicitations Analysis

Marvel has released their September 2022 comic book solicitations. With a brand new set of solicitations comes new information for what is coming in the future for the Marvel Universe. Continuing from the summer is Marvel’s latest blockbuster event A.X.E. Judgment Day. While that event will continue to take command of a large part of Marvel’s release schedule there are other big events to keep an eye out for. Let’s take a look at what those things are with Marvel’s September 2022 solicitation.

Before getting into Marvel September 2022 solicitation note that I will not be talking about the solicitation for Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, and several of the A.X.E: Judgment Day tie-in comics solicitations. This is because these comics were previously featured in Marvel’s August 2022 solicitations that I have already spoken about. You can find my commentary for those comics by clicking here.


A.X.E.: Judgment Day #4
A.X.E.: Judgment Day #4 cover by Salvador Larroca. Credit: Marvel Comics

Everything we’ve learned about A.X.E.: Judgment Day thus far is that the Eternals are going after the X-Men with the Avengers in the middle. In essence Marvel’s latest event has appeared to be yet another version of Civil War that they love to tell every year. That is certainly the narrative for the first half of A.X.E.: Judgment Day.

Now that looks to be a narrative that will change in the second half of the event as A.X.E.: Judgment Day #4 tease a big bad appearing that will cause the Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals to team-up. It is not clear who could be powerful enough to force the Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals to stop their superhero Civil War. All we get is a looming shadow over the three teams that has everyone in shock.

The first guess that comes to mind is that we will see the Celestials get involved. We’ve seen that the Avengers and Eternals have been dealing with the Celestials a lot in the past. The X-Men have less experience with the Celestials but they have fought against threats on a similar level. Though that is just speculation as we know that Kieron Gillen and Valerio Schiti could use any major Marvel villain in this spot.


All-Out Avengers #1
All-Out Avengers #1 cover by Salvador Larroca. Credit: Marvel Comics

I’ll admit I just did not connect with what Jason Aaron has done with his run on the Avengers. While I’ve kept up with Aaron’s Avengers run thanks to Marvel Unlimited it hasn’t hit that must-read monthly status previous iconic runs had. It’s just no clicking.

That said, Marvel is now going to be adding an Avengers title I am interested in with All-Out Avengers. Though I’m not familiar with Derek Landy’s writing and not the biggest Greg Land fan in the world the roster for All-Out Avengers immediately caught my attention. The roster of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Spider-Woman, and Blade is an intriguing mix. This isn’t too different from the current Avengers roster but adding both Spider-Man and Spider-Woman to the team just gives a different dynamic to the roster.

While the roster caught my attention it’s the concept of All-Out Avengers that has sold me on at least picking up the first issue when it releases. Hearing that All-Out Avengers #1 starts with the team already in the middle of a major story is a cool ton setter. Captain Marvel possibly having a heel turn does add to the mystery of what is going on.


Edge Of Spider-Verse #4
Edge Of Spider-Verse #4 cover by Josemaria Casanovas. Credit: Marvel Comics

Not currently reading Amazing Spider-Man or any Spider-Man title right now has been a weird feeling. It’s the first time since I started reading comics that I don’t have a Spider-Man title on my pull list. Luckily Edge Of The Spider-Verse is bringing me back into the Spider-Man fold. The designs for all the different multiverse versions of Spider-Man and Spider-Woman is cool to see. This is what I want to see with Marvel going in on exploring their Multiverse.

What makes Edge Of The Spider-Verse even more cool to me is that it is focusing on new characters. This should give the Spider-Man and Spider-Woman that are being spotlighted more time to shine on their own. The designs we are shown show they have a lot of potential that I look forward seeing the different creative teams tap into.


X-Men #15
X-Men #15 cover by Martin Coccolo. Credit: Marvel Comics

Life is never easy for the X-Men. Even when they get wins there is only a brief window for them to catch their breathes. That is not even going to be the case in September as not only do the X-Men have to deal with the A.X.E.: Judgment Day event they now have to worry about the Children of the Vault coming for them. They aren’t even given a chance to deal with the aftermath of A.X.E.: Judgment Day.

Given what happened the last time we saw the Children of the Vault Gerry Duggan could be using X-Men #15 to set the stage for what is coming next for the X-Men. We know there are other threats like Orchis, Moira X and Abigail Brand looming over the X-Men franchise. Adding the Children of the Vault to the threats the X-Men are facing will make things a whole lot tougher. It all will further build out the roster of villains that the X-Men have to go up against in the Krakoa Era for the franchise.


Captain America: Symbol Of Truth #5
Captain America: Symbol Of Truth #5 cover by R.B. Silva. Credit: Marvel Comics

Like the X-Men, it appears as though the Avengers will be busy with dealing more than just A.X.E.: Judgment Day in September. Specifically, we are seeing something big coming for the two Captain America and Black Panther. In Captain America: Symbol of Truth #5 it shows that Sam Wilson’s Captain America and Black Panther will come to blows. Which could lead to a bigger story as the biggest figures in the United States and Wakanda start fighting in a major way

The timing isn’t great as Black Panther is going to get the Avengers to help him out. Black Panther #9 teases that Steve Rogers’ Captain America is questioning T’Challa current position. Seeing as Sam is going to be in conflict with T’Challa won’t help with the standing Black Panther has with Steve. How all of this connects certainly adds interest to the Black Panther and the two Captain America titles.


Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #4
Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #4 cover by Ryan Stegman. Credit: Marvel Comics

Asgard hasn’t been the paradise it was promoted to be the last few years. Things got even worse for Asgard as the Hulk vs Thor: Banner of War has led to the Bifrost Bridge to be destroyed by the Gamma-powered Thor in Thor #26. That was a massive game changer that will definitely impact the future of Asgard.

Things won’t be getting any easier as the crossover between Thor and Venom is teasing us with yet another major event impacting the future of Asgard. We know from Thor’s vision of the future that the symbiotes will play some role in how Thanos will wield an Infinity Gems powered Mjolnir. This crossover could add clues to how that future will end up occurring eventually.

Not helping Thor very much is that it also appears as though the warriors of Asgard will get severely beaten in the pages of Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #4. The cover showing Jane hugging an emotional and injured Thor is not a good sign. This is definitely not a good time for Asgardian.