SDCC 2019 Marvel Teasers and Reveals

SDCC 2019 Commentary: Marvel Teases Annihilation, 2099 And More

SDCC 2019 Marvel Teasers and Reveals

Marvel continued to make their comic book presence known at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. We already saw that they have some big plans for Spider-Man for the rest of this year and beyond. Now they are teasing other big things to come for the Marvel Universe coming soon. Most of the current things that were shown was more in teaser form but still something that will have fans talking until we get more details. Let’s take a look at the announcements Marvel has teased thus far at San Diego Comic-Con 2019.


SDCC 2019 Marvel Comics 1000 Features Miracle Man
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Marvel Comics #1000 continues to be the comic book that they are heavily pushing as their next big thing fans should buy. Though this being the million copy seller isn’t something that EiC CB Cebulski wants to say he was teasing a short while back it is clear that is the company’s intention. They want as much attention to this single issue as possible. Now they are adding to that attention by having Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham write a one-page Miracle Man story for Marvel Comics #1000. This a cool thing since Miracle Man has a silent but sizable fanbase. Still, it being a one page story in a compilation of one page stories may not be what that fanbase was hoping for when it comes to new Miracle Man content. Still, Gaiman and Buckingham on board will help make it hard for some fans to resist checking Marvel Comics #1000 out.

Source: Newsarama


SDCC 2019 Marvel Marches Towards Annihilation
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The trend of revisiting major storylines has been a trend for Marvel the last few years. They just can’t resist revisiting storylines, especially big events. That has not changed under Cebulski’s leadership. We see that once again as Marvel is doing yet another Annihilation event. The teaser that they released seems to imply that the new event will be simply called Annihilation rather than having a secondary title.

As negative as I want to be about this I’m excited to see how Marvel brings Annihilus back into the fold. He is a great villain that has disappeared in favor of other cosmic threats like Thanos and the Skrulls. If Marvel uses Annihilus appropriately than Annihilation can bring the villain back into prominence. At the same time they can have another major threat that can continue like Thanos has the last few years.

Source: CBR


SDCC 2019 Marvel Teases 2099 Return
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Nick Spencer first teased the return of the 2099 future by having Miguel O’Hara’s Spider-Man 2099 surprisingly show up in Amazing Spider-Man #25. It looks as though Spider-Man 2099’s appearance isn’t just a one-shot deal or to tease his appearance in the Spider-Verse series. That is at least what Marvel seems to be implying with the 2099 teaser that they have released. A full return to the 2099 universe isn’t something we’ve had in quite a while. Now if Marvel goes all in with more than just another Spider-Man 2099 series is anyone’s guess since they do love revisiting old events and publishing lines.



SDCC 2019 Marvel Reveals New Doctor Doom Series
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Since Secret Wars Marvel has wanted to break Doctor Doom out as a solo character. We saw that with how he took over the mantle of Iron Man for a short period. Now Marvel is trying that again with a new Doctor Doom solo series. With the Fantastic Four still getting back to their prominent stature maybe Marvel hopes this new Doctor Doom series helps that. They do have a recent history with giving villain titles after releasing multiple Thanos comics the last few years. 

Having “Halt and Catch Fire” co-creator Christopher Cantwell working on this series will help this new Doctor Doom series gain mainstream attention. That has already happened with The Hollywood Reporter publishing a story about this comic. It is not something other Marvel comics at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 did. So that is a plus for the series already.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


SDCC 2019 Marvel Reveals White Fox Future Fight Series
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With how many characters that Marvel already has that they like to use over and over again it is rare to see new characters be created. And it is even rarer for new superheroes to be created that just takeover the name of another Marvel hero. That is what has helped make the three new Marvel comics under the Future Fight banner, Crescent and Io, White Fox and Luna Snow even more notable. This is exactly the approach that I want to see Marvel take when creating new heroes. 

It obviously comes with the risk that their fanbase won’t pick up a comic that doesn’t feature Spider-Man, Avengers or X-Men in the name. But it is a risk that can payoff for Marvel as they create several brand-new diverse superheroes . And as new characters writer Alyssa Wong can build a strong mythology that is unique to these new characters. Personally I’ll have Crescent and Io #1, White Fox #1 and Luna Snow #1 on my list of comics to check out when they release in October. 

Source: CBR


SDCC 2019 Marvel Darth Vader
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Editor-In-Chief CB Cebulski decided to closed out Marvel’s Friday panel by confirming that Darth Vader is considered Marvel character. At least that is how Cebulski views the character since they are using Darth Vader for a one page story in Marvel Comics #1000. Since it came at the end of the panel it is hard to tell if that is truly how Darth Vader is internally being viewed as. Afterall, such a reveal is something that Disney would make a bigger deal by. So this could just be Cebulski trying to throw some wood on the ground to create a fire. If that actually works is still up in in the air. But a crossover between the Marvel Universe and Star Wars would certainly break the internet. A lot of interest would be drawn if Spider-Man teamed up with Luke Skywalker and Captain America faced off against Darth Vader. And that could be the big one million copy seller that Cebulski has teased at various points in his early stint as Marvel’s EiC.

Source: CBR

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