Comic Book Highlights July 2018

Top Comic Book Moments For July 2018

Comic Book Highlights July 2018

With so much going on in the comic book world it is easy to forget what is going at the worlds in Marvel, DC Comics and others. This last month alone we saw Batman and Catwoman’s wedding, Infinity Wars kick off, the Legion of Doom return and big changes for Spider-Man. And those are just some of the big things that happened this last month. To put a spotlight on everything going on it’s time to check out some of the big moments in this last month of comic book releases.


Amazing Spider-Man #1 Highlight
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Breaking up Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson was something that turned off a lot of fans as many of them grew up with the two together. So for Nick Spencer to begin his run with getting Peter and MJ back together was a smart move to build up some good will with Spider-Man fans.


Avengers #5 Highlight
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It’s become a bit of joke in how a lot of Marvel superheroes and villains have gained their powers by being exposed to radioactive material. But at least now Jason Aaron has given Marvel and their fans an explanation as to why so many people are able to getting their powers from radioactivity rather than just dying or getting cancer. With this explanation involving the Celestials in place it’ll be interesting to see how this is expanded on with mutants and Inhumans.


Batman #50 Highlight
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A lot of people will remember Batman #50 for how Catwoman left Batman at the altar. That is definitely the biggest thing that happened in Batman #50. But what else stood out in that issue was how Tom King spotlighted how close Bruce Wayne is with his father-figure in Alfred Pennyworth. This scene above is a strong example of how much Bruce cares about Alfred and where they stand with each other.


Batman #51 Highlight
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Batman’s Rogues Gallery have continuously found a way to escape Arkham Asylum and other prisons. Now King is bringing in a good reason why that is and will be as we see during Mr. Freeze’s trial that the defense attorney brings up the fact that Batman does not have actual licenses to work on cases. That on top of how it could be seen as Batman tampering with evidence since he has no jurisdiction during investigations puts into question his methods moving forward.


Catwoman #1 Highlight
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After leaving Gotham City Selina Kyle must deal with the fact that her identity is well known to the public. With Catwoman now forced to face an army of copycats looking to ruin her things aren’t going to get easier after leaving Bruce and Gotham City behind.


Daredevil #605 Highlight
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It’s not very often we see Matt Murdock get wins over Wilson Fisk since their fights are normally as Daredevil and Kingpin. But now things are even more personal as we see Matt get one over on Wilson Fisk by having the Mayor of NYC stop his superhero agenda. That win for Matt will likely end up making things worse for him as Matt Murdock and Daredevil down the line.


Go Go Power Rangers #11 Highlight
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As one of the fan favorite pairings it’s been interesting to see the change in dynamic for the Coinless Universe versions of Tommy Oliver (Drakkon) and Kimberly Hart (The Ranger Slayer). This confrontation builds up the heat for what is likely to be a clash between Drakkon and the Ranger Slayer as Shattered Grid nears its conclusion.


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #48 Highlight
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You got to give Hector Hammond some credit, he was trying to make some fun bonding moments between himself, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, General Zod, Arkillo and Orion. At least he knows that the best way to bond is by a beach trip. Too bad he forgot to have them play volleyball and do slow high-fives.


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #49 Highlight
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If there is one thing everyone should know is to never question Hal Jordan’s willpower. That is something that Tomar-Tu is going to learn the hard way as he goes one-on-one against the #1 Green Lantern.


Infinity Wars Prime #1 Highlight
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If you are going to make a big statement in your first appearance going after the top dog is the way to go. That is something that Requiem clearly knows as this new, mysterious villain cuts off Thanos’ head and disintegrates his body. That is quite a statement to make in your debut.


Justice League #3 Highlight
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Joker has had a lot of creepy moment but this one with him shushing the reader as he sneaks up on Hawkgirl is going to to go up there. The coloring of Joker in the background adds to the creepiness level.


Justice League #4 Highlight
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Never doubt the charisma of Sinestro. Just as his daughter took the Sinestro Corps away from him Sinestro has already built a new Lantern Corps for himself. And this Lantern Corps looks to be the strongest of them all.


The Life of Captain Marvel #1 Highlight
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Carol Danvers and Tony Stark have had one of the more contentious relationships in all of the Marvel Universe. That came to a head with Civil War II and has not recovered since. Now it looks like Captain Marvel and Iron Man will finally be able to mend their friendship as Tony admits that he and the Avengers miss her.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 Highlight
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There’s been a lot of standout moments during the Shattered Grid event but this reunion between Andros and Karone may be at the top of the list. It is a moment that many fans have wanted to see but never got since Karone and Andros never interacted with each other after Power Rangers In Space ended, at least on screen.

MR. & MRS. X #1

Mr and Mrs X #1 Highlight
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Well with Kitty Pryde not going to her own wedding she never got the lesson that newlyweds need some privacy on their honeymoon. That is something Gambit taught her as she tried to give him and Rogue a mission on their honeymoon in space.


Spider-Gwen #34 Highlight
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Gwen Stacy learned a lot during her career as Spider-Woman as she ended up revealing to the world who she was and paying the price for her vigilante lifestyle by ending up in prison. So with all of the experience it was good to see that Spider-Gwen has only strengthened her resolve to be a hero that others can look to for hope.


Teen Titans #20 Highlight
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Robin creating an underground prison underneath the Teen Titans new hideout looks may sound like a good idea in the young Boy Wonder’s head but we know that this never turns out well. That will likely be a lesson that Robin and the Teen Titans will learn the hard way down the line.


Titans #23 Highlight
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Beast Boy finally got his time to shine as he was able to calm down a new metahuman by simply relating to what the guy was going through. It is simple but some of the best character development that Beast Boy has gotten in a long time.

X-23 #1

X-23 #1 Highlight
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Gotta give it to Gabby, she sure knows how to quickly make friends with everyone she meets. First was Deadpool becoming her best friend and now she is making friends with the Cuckoo Sisters through their similar clone backgrounds.

X-23 #2

X-23 #2 Highlight
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One of the more visually stunning displays of a psychic attacking another person with their abilities. Everything about this got over how intense this experience can be for the one on the wrong side of a psychic attack.


X-Men Red #6 Highlight
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It was only a matter of time before Jean Grey and Cassandra Nova clashed mentally. Though it looks like Cassandra’s dark view of humanity will cause the chaos that Jean does not need to happen after announcing to the world what her unity plan is. It’s just another day in being an X-Men leader.