My Hero Academia Chapter 312 Review

My Hero Academia Chapter 312 Review

Things got even more complicated for Izuku Midoriya’s new life as a vigilante hero as a mystery sniper villain has set her sights on Deku. The situation is even more dangerous with it looking as though All Might has been taken out and this mysterious sniper is possibly working with Overhaul. That is on top of the fact that there is still a lot of chaos going on in the world with all the villains in Tartarus running wild on the streets. How will Izuku Midoriya deal with the latest villain that is coming for him and his One For All Quirk? Let’s find out with chapter 312 of My Hero Academia.

Writer & Artist: Kohei Horikoshi

Story Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10

Art Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

Overall Rating: 8.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: Months earlier when Izuku Midoriya was getting ready to leave the hospital Hawks warns him that while All For One and Tomura Shigaraki aren’t at the stage to steal One For All so villains will be looking to capture Izuku alive. Hawks goes on to say that while that will be tough for most villains to do there is one villain who was his former senior colleague at the Safety Commission Izuku should be on the watch out for as he should drop everything and run if she shows up.

In the present Deku realizes that the person who just shot his secured phone was Lady Nagant (whose Rifle Quirk allows her to create any type of bullet using her hair to by her right arm that she transforms into a rifle), the person Hawks warned him about.

Deku grabs his destroyed phone and uses his Black Whip Quirk to try to escape. Lady Nagant sees this and creates bullet that curves. She fires and hits Deku with the curve bullet while reminding him of her previous warning not to move. Deku is able to use his Danger Sense Quirk to catch the bullet, though the force of the bullet pushes him back.

Feeling this impact Deku remembers the interview Snipe (one of his former U.A. High School teachers) conducting an interview about how he would be the best marksman in Japan if it wasn’t for Lady Nagant. Snipe says that Lady Nagant combines her Rifle Quirk with raw skill alone to be able to hit targets from even three kilometers (which equates to 3,000 meters that 5x Snipe’s max range of 600 meters) away.

My Hero Academia Chapter 312 Review

Lady Nagant overwhelms Deku with her Rifle Quirk in My Hero Academia Chapter 312. Click for full page view.

Realizing that he is only alive thanks to his Danger Sense Quirk is alerting him in time to respond to the shots Deku decides to take the fight to Lady Nagant.

On a rooftop Lady Nagant remarks that Deku is the first to block two of her shots. As she creates another bullet Overhaul is sitting nearby just repeatingly saying “Gotta get to the boss….Quick.”

Seeing Overhaul’s current state Laday Nagant remembers her meeting with All For One during the Tartarus prison break. All For One mentions that he is expecting a certain student to leave U.A. High School and operate solo. All For One asks Lady Nagant to capture this student and to wait until a rainy day since the student will likely be working with top heroes when he goes off on his own.

Lady Nagant wonders why she should work for All For One. All For One says that Lady Nagant will never be able see her dream for the downfall of hero society with this kid running around. This grabs Lady Nagant’s interest.

Overhaul suddenly speaks the words about getting to his boss. All For One calls Overhaul one of the victims of the wicked hero society. Lady Nagant comments she only took Overhaul because she taught he be useful to her somehow.

All For One then says that they should complete the contract between them. He then starts the process of giving Lady Nagant a new Quirk.

Back in the present Lady Nagant is shown using the Air Walk Quirk to continue her mission to kill Deku. End of chapter.

The Good: Chapter 312 of My Hero Academia is all about telling us the origin story of Lady Nagant and why she is such a dangerous villain. To that end Kohei Horikoshi is extremely successful in the goal he had with this chapter.

Right out of the gate from a pure design standpoint Lady Nagant is one of the most badass characters Horikoshi has created for My Hero Academia. Her entire look from her two-tone short hair to the transforming rifle right arm that she has makes you understand that she is dangerous. We don’t need a bunch of exposition as her Rifle Quirk and skills are shown to be top tier just from how Horikoshi draws all the action.

Seeing so much from her Rifle Quirk made the exposition about who Lady Nagant is from both Hawks and Snipe much stronger. Everything that was said about Lady Nagant acted as an extension of what we already saw her do. You completely buy into why Snipe doesn’t consider himself to be in the same class as Lady Nagant, even though many consider him to be Japan’s top marksmen. It is high praise that Lady Nagant clearly deserves.

Which goes back to how Horikoshi’s artwork backs up how badass of a character Lady Nagant is. There is a great sense of distance between Deku and Lady Nagant that shows how she is able to hit targets from almost two miles away is true. Learning that when it comes to this part of her character that it is pure skill makes her even more dangerous. Adding in that Lady Nagant’s Rifle Quirk allows her to create any type bullet and curve them as if she is a character from Wanted just drove home everything said about her is true.

My Hero Academia Chapter 312 Review

Deku tries to figure out how he can turn the fight with Lady Nagant around in My Hero Academia Chapter 312. Click for full page view.

Learning that she was also Hawks’ senior at the Safety Commission added another layer to Lady Nagant’s character. Adding this to how All For One mentions that Lady Nagant’s goal is to destroy hero society you are left wondering what made her turn to the dark side. There must have been some sort of breaking point for Lady Nagant that caused her to turn her back on the Safety Commission and heroes.

All For One using this fact about Lady Nagant to easily convince her to work for him was a strong continuation of My Hero Academia’s big bad. All For One always knows how to manipulate every single person he comes across. Granting Lady Nagant the Air Walk Quirk he had also shows how he believes her to be one of the best villains to help him accomplish his goal to capture Izuku Midoriya.

Speaking of Izuku Midoriya, chapter 312 of My Hero Academia continues to show us how much Deku has grown during the timeskip. The way he combines his One For All, Blackwhip, and Danger Sense Quirk to survive being hit twice by Lady Nagant. Given how much Lady Nagant was put over as an incredible shooter hearing her comment that Deku is the first person to block two of her shots was impressive. It’ll be interesting to see if Deku is going to have to use his Float and the other One For All users Quirks to stand a chance against Lady Nagant.

The Bad: Overhaul’s presence in this chapter didn’t work as intended. He doesn’t add anything to the story. It would’ve been better if the focus of this chapter was just on Deku and Lady Nagant with the only time Overhaul was addressed was in the flashback with All For One.

Overall: My Hero Academia Chapter 312 does a fantastic job developing the latest villain to enter the series. Lady Nagant is a pure badass as she lives up to her reputation with the incredible skill she showed while using her Rifle Quirk against Izuku Midoriya. The chapter leaves Deku in a tough spot as Lady Nagant takes their fight to the next level thanks to what she got from All For One. How Deku gets out of this situation will be interesting to see play out.

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