Young Justice Outsiders Episode 24 Into The Breach Cyborg

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 24 “Into The Breach” Review

Young Justice Outsiders Episode 24 Into The Breach Cyborg

A trend with these last half dozen episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders has been a quicker pace. That quicker pacing was carried over into episode 24 as we see what Beast Boy’s Outsiders were up to while the original Young Justice Team went on a rescue mission in the last episode. Having the set-up of the previous episode to help guide it was a major help so “Into The Breach” can focus on the growth of the Outsiders.

There is no doubt that the ones that have benefited most in the second half of this season were the characters Beast Boy has recruited for his Outsiders. It was about time the Outsiders group went on a mission without the doubt if it was manufactured by Batman’s secret society or not. This was 100% the Outsiders acting like the superhero group they have been built up to be.

It was honestly refreshing to see the Outsiders be so successful against Granny Goodness. Beast Boy and Cyborg in particular benefitted the most from the structure of this episode. Beast Boy was able to finally get the one-on-one fight against Granny Goodness that the show has been building towards since the beginning of the Young Justice: Outsiders season. This was a slow-burn sub-plot that paid off well. 

Young Justice Outsiders Episode 24 Into The Breach Wonder Girl
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The brutality of the fight between Beast Boy and Granny Goodness was particularly shocking. When you see Beast Boy cough up blood after being slammed up against a wall there was a sense of shock to it. This is not something that could happen if this season aired on Cartoon Network. It was a good use of having greater freedom with the DC Universe platform that the staff can go this far. It made Beast Boy come across as a much bigger badass for going toe-to-toe against Granny Goodness.

On an even more important part Cyborg was able to be the big hero of this episode. Now that Victor Stone has accepted his new life the character appears to be more powerful. He is not afraid to use the full capabilities of his powers as he takes on the name of Cyborg. That paid off well with how he was able to save the Outsiders from suffering the same way Black Lightning and Nightwing did in Granny Goodness’ torture room.

Bringing together Cyborg and Halo for the big rescue of the Team and Justice League nicely merged both characters arcs. This was the moment both characters needed in order to be fully confident heroes and members of the Team and Outsiders. It should lead to even greater growth for Cyborg and Halo in these remaining episodes and if they make it into the next season.

The defeat of Granny Goodness creates a lot of questions for the final two episodes. Up until this point she was built up as a final boss-like character. But now that she has been defeated it looks as though the attention is moving back to the battle between the Team and The Light.

Young Justice Outsiders Episode 24 Into The Breach Beast Boy Kid Flash
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We already saw how Lex Luthor in particular is taking advantage of how busy the Team and Outsiders were with the rise of his Infinity Inc. superhero team. It is clear that Infinity Inc. is going to come more into play as Lex now focus on making the Outsiders, Justice League and the Team look like the bad guys. How well that will work out should drive a lot of the storyline in these last two episodes.

With all that in play “Into The Breach” does a fantastic job in setting up Young Justice: Outsiders to conclude strong now with only two episodes to go. All the final chess pieces have been moved into place. Now it is just a question of which side, The Light or The Team, will ultimately claim victory.

Episode Rating: 9 Night Girls out of 10

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