Comic Book Review: Robin #154

Robin continues to be a fun little title. I gave this title a try with the One Year Later storyline and it has managed to keep me coming back. Robin #153 is sure to be another entertaining read. Let’s not waste any time and go ahead and hit this review.

Creative Team
Writer: Adam Beechen
Artist: Freddie E. Williams, II

Art Rating: 8 Night Girls out of 10
Story Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10
Overall Rating: 7 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: The issue starts with Robin attempting to stop a group of kidnappers attempting to kidnap a daughter of a rich Gotham family. Dodge teleports on to the scene and screws up Robin’s attempt to stop the kidnappers. The kidnappers get away with the girl. Robin yells at Dodge for screwing everything up and tells Dodge to stop trying to play hero. Dodge responds that Robin is jealous. That Dodge is unstoppable and is here to stay.

We cut to the next day at school. Zoanne picks on Tim about the big cover article on Fortune magazine concerning Bruce Wayne adopting Tim and now how Tim is now the richest kid in school. Zoanne, Tim and Jared (One of their friends who is from a very rich family.) take off for lunch. While at lunch, the kidnappers show up and kidnap Tim and Jared.

We cut to Batman and Alfred in the Batcave. The Fortune magazine cover story was done on purpose to try and lure the kidnappers into taking Tim so then Batman and Robin could bust them. Unfortunately, the transponder that Tim had on himself got damaged and is not working.

We cut to the kidnappers putting Jared and Tim in a cell with the other kidnapped rich kids. Tim manages to take out the guard outside of his cell. He then slips into his Robin costume. He then makes his way to the main room of the kidnappers’ hideout where they are making a video tape demand to send to the police. Robin decides his plan to quickly take out the kidnappers. Unfortunately, Dodge suddenly teleports on to the scene and challenges the kidnappers. End of issue.

The Good: Robin #154 was an average issue. Not great, but certainly not bad. I liked seeing Tim with his friends. It seems that Beechen has focused too much on Robin and not enough on Tim Drake over the past several issues. I think it is important for Beechen to develop Tim a bit more and his supporting cast of friends from his school. I definitely would like to see Tim’s relationship with Zoanne develop a bit more.

This issue moved along at a nice pace. The dialogue was solid. Beechen has a nice feel for Robin’s character. I really like how Beechen is stressing the fact that Robin is Batman’s student. Beechen constantly has Robin thinking to himself about what Batman has taught him and trying to implement his lessons to certain different situations. It is great to see Robin for what he is: a student striving to become as good as his teacher. Beechen writes Robin as a young hero who is constantly evolving and growing before our eyes.

I dig Williams’ artwork. His style is a wonderful match for this title. Williams’ art fits Robin’s youthful exuberance.

The Bad: Robin #154 read like a filler issue. It seems that Beechen is trying to catch his breath and lay the foundation for his next big story arc. This issue was a bit too uneventful for me. And the kidnappers are nothing more than generic villains designed to further the Dodge versus Robin plotline.

And speaking of Dodge, I’m not too sure how I feel about this plotline. I’m just not sold on Dodge. He isn’t a very interesting character. He comes across as your typical pre-teen or early teen sidekick character. Dodge doesn’t have much of an interesting personality or story that comes along with him. I have no idea where Beechen is going with this plotline, nor do I see how it is going to be anything compelling or intriguing.

Overall: Robin #154 was my least favorite issue since the beginning of the One Year Later storyline. I am still enjoying this title and Robin #154 was still a fun read. Robin is basically popcorn for the brain. It isn’t anything amazing or complex. It is just a solid fun comic book. Not all the comic books that I read have to be serious or something deep. If you enjoy a little popcorn for the brain, then you will probably like Robin.